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Sam & Max are 25. Steve Purcell asks the fans about their future!

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Joined 2012-07-19


Hi all,
Steve Purcell - Sam & Max comics and Sam & Max Hit the Road game creator - announced on his blog that the first published Sam & Max comic appeared on the stands just 25 years ago… In this occasion he asks the fans what would they want for Sam & Max in the future…

His blog isn’t that publicized.. so if there are Sam & Max fans around here, please go there and comment on what you’d expect for Sam & Max.. Let’s just hope that if many fans show their interest in whatever they care about Sam & Max, we’ll see something new in the future about them!

I personnaly asked for new sam&max; comics..
Here’s the link to Steve’s Sam&Max; blog: http://samandmaxblog.blogspot.fr/2012/07/alive-at-25.html


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How about Sam and Max plushies?
I would buy at least a dozen.


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Joined 2009-05-08


Bring the comics back.


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Hamham Chan - 19 July 2012 04:56 AM

How about Sam and Max plushies?
I would buy at least a dozen.

I’d love a Max plushie. :3


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Joined 2004-01-18


An HD Remake of Hit the Road would be great.


An adventure game is nothing more than a good story set with engaging puzzles that fit seamlessly in with the story and the characters, and looks and sounds beautiful.
Roberta Williams


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For the future, I would love to see new sam&max; games that aren’t ruined by 3d graphics. In my opinion, the 3d format doesn’t work with well point and click games, especially when it’s a cartoon game. When I first tried The Curse of Monkey Island back in 97 it was by far the most visually stunning game I had ever played. Then, years later, we get MI4, which should have been a graphical improvement to its predecessor, but sadly, it held no visual beauty whatsoever.

There have been many titles over the years that has annoyed me quite a bit with it’s 3d presentation. Telltales games are good examples. The quality of Telltales games is up there with the best adventures, great stories, great voice acting, good puzzles etc.. BUT they’re all in 3d.. (except Hector). When playing a fantastic adventuregame title in 3d, I very often find myself unable to truly enjoy it, because i can’t stop thinking about how great the game could have been if it was in 2d.

In the golden age of adventure games, there was only 2D, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the adventure game genre started dying at the same time as 3D and FMV was introduced. No, give us the good old 2D, and allow us to appreciate the beautiful artwork of your artists!


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