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Some thoughts about King Quest V

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Since other thread i created brought about some discussions about Kinq Quest V, i will throw in some thoughts. I like those hostile characters in King Quest V who just doesn’t try to kill you when you get to their location, but imprison you, Cedric or both, though it is done little too often. I also like those characters who tell you that they help you later (i think only instance of that in later games happens in Kinq Quest VII), but it also happens too often and it would maybe been better if they would join you like characters in some Legend Entertainment’s games, instead just popping up in right place.


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I think in both cases Roberta Williams just followed classic fairy tale tropes of European and Asian folklore. Protagonists were always imprisoned before being killed or eaten, and there were always some creatures who popped up during those life/death moments to save the hero without joining him in his adventures. The original Prince of Persia, for example, which was based on the Arabic fairy tales also featured a mouse who helped the prince at one point. And I recall this also happened in the earlier King’s Quest/Quest for Glory entries, especially when we stumbled across some witches.


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