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A quick question about Facebook integration

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Joined 2014-04-10


Hey there,

As a gamer, developer, and writer, I have a question that I wanted to ask after I just found myself frustrated with yet another website that wanted to do everything possible to force me to use Facebook. For those of you that have a Facebook account, how do you deal with those websites that seemingly want to ‘force you’ to log in through Facebook.

Now I think that this is has to do with advertising revenue blah blah, but does that ever convince you to look elsewhere? As in, do you ever find that the forced integration just makes you want to leave a website rather than comply with their excessive demands?

I guess the question I have (or just wanted to see if my opinion was in line with what everyone else thought)…at what point do you just say ‘not worth it’?

For example, just the other day I came across a website that refused to show me the news story that I clicked on if I did not log in through Facebook. Even if I had wanted to log in through Facebook (which I do not) I certainly would not have done so if you try to coerce me.

Any thoughts?


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Joined 2012-01-02


I can’t believe fb got rich with this thing in the shape it is.

Scott Murphy ,April 14 at 4:52am ,Phoenix Online Studios Live Launch Party
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Joined 2011-10-21


I don’t have a Facebook account, and I certainly don’t want one. When a site wants me to log in via Facebook to access some of its content, I give it the middle finger and look elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure that even if I did have a Facebook account, I’d still be extremely reluctant to log in via Facebook (unless it was a trusted site that I frequent - if it’s a one-off thing, they can go F themselves)...

Heck, I have a couple of fake email accounts just for such an occasion. If I give out personal information online, I do so on MY terms, not the site’s…


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Joined 2008-01-09


I’m with Timovieman on this.  I don’t use Facebook either, and if making an account is the only option for viewing something, I’ll pass.


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Joined 2006-01-12


I started a FB account when both my children moved from home. Far away.
But I never log in anywhere through FB. It’s just for keeping in touch with family and friends, nohing else.
Works fine for me.


Lazy Bee
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Joined 2005-10-23


I do have a FB account but sites that force me to log in though FB get the treatment they deserve from me: they get ignored. Just like sites that start with treating you to a screen filling advertisement or any kind of music.


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