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Lady Kestrelnamehaverwalas74

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H.P. Lovecraft’s The Deep Ones get a makeover! 3am Style.

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Joined 2012-07-11


Whenever I discover that my favourite book it’s about to become a film, I always run for cover however if I hear that my book is about to become a game (as long as it’s not from EA) I am the first to preorder! This is the reason why I like 3am and why I am static over the launch of Magrunner: Dark Pulses! Now they have launched a new sneak preview of The Deep Ones, just check them out!


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Joined 2010-02-15


Magrunner is going to be so awesome. Finally a new take on a lovecraft-esque game. Grin


Stuart Bradley Newsom - Naughty Shinobi || Our Game: Shadow Over Isolation


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Joined 2012-07-12


I have just seen a mock video of Magrunner and one thing I liked about it is that it shows gamers in a light where they’re having fun and being challenged while at the same time providing useful insight for the developers in a sort of mock-QA session. Have a look at it.


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Joined 2010-11-16


hm so far im not getting the sense that its the creepy ominous terrifying sort of game that it should be.


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