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Slender: The Eight Pages & The Arrival ,2 Survival horror (Adventures?)


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Joined 2012-01-02


i came to these two by coincidence

Slender: The Eight Pages is free , can be downloaded here


Slender: The Arrival , can be bought from here


i haven’t tried any and can not even find a review for them but i watched the trailers and they look like a real Adventure games to me ,tho their description are only Survival horror Games.

may someone would be interested , i haven’t played Miasmata either but it was considered an adventure game after all and people here praised it , so ..
some one may give any feedback about them !


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I have trouble feeling American horror like this and Amnesia(though MachineforPIgs
looking really good).

You roam around and see the guy , the guy like Amnesia games deosn’t look much intimidating,its just for jumpscares and for those who like recording themselves and stream their experience.

Rest , the GT review details nicely.


However, this game is something i can recommend, glad its had been funded on
Indiegogo, you can try out the Demo, its the closest thing to Fatalframe we can
get on PC.



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Joined 2012-09-28


I haven’t played it. From what I’ve read you walk around until you find what you’re looking for and that’s it. Hide and seek game. No puzzles.

Miasmata is much more intellectually involving. You have to know what to find and where to find it and piece together bits of knowledge to make potions. Mapmaking is essential which involves a lot of strategy and planning. And there’s a story which progresses.

I don’t know if either are true adventures but Miasmata is definitely closer.


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For a moment there, I was mislead in thinking this was about a sequel to the Arrival. haha Was very disappointed…anyways, these types of games I stay far away from. I was watching someone play the Arrival on the Rift and was scared shitless. Its some insane crap htat goes on. Then there is Amnesia. lol I hate slender, I hate slender, I hat…*SCCCCREEEEEEAAAACCHHHH*


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