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Surviving Horror

Our coverage of games that focus more on staying alive than peaceful, puzzling exploration.

Perception review

Despite the clever conceit for its blind protagonist, this 3D horror adventure stumbles in key story and gameplay areas.

Read review Oct 25, 2017

Little Nightmares review

More stealth-survival than puzzle-platformer, this intensely creepy side-scroller is sure to feed your horror craving.

Read review Aug 2, 2017

Alice’s Lullaby: Episode 1 review

This horror series debut has grand ambitions, but its flawed survival-based gameplay may not fully resonate with adventure gamers.

Read review Dec 18, 2015

Until Dawn review

The teen slasher formula is brought to life (and grisly death) in this gripping choice-driven, multi-path PS4 exclusive.

Read review Oct 2, 2015

Lucius II: The Prophecy review

More murder sim than adventure, the sequel is condemned by shoddy programming and hellish design decisions.

Read review Jul 7, 2015

Kholat review

This Russian mountain thriller offers plenty of chilling exploration, but any further gameplay is largely MIA.

Read review Jun 26, 2015

Hektor review

Its shifting environments offer a unique maze-like concept, but its gameplay and story will both leave players hopelessly in the dark.

Read review May 8, 2015

White Night review

Where it fits along genre lines isn't black and white, but this stylish haunted house survival thriller has terrifying atmosphere to burn.

Read review Apr 8, 2015

Neverending Nightmares review

As Gorey as it is gory, this pen-and-ink adventure is a psychological horror lover's dream, though you won't lose any sleep over its gameplay.

Read review Oct 15, 2014

Outlast review

There are plenty of jump scares caught on film in this terror-filled journey through a deranged mental institution.

Read review Oct 4, 2013

Lone Survivor review

Life-and-death choices abound in this chilling retro indie that blends adventure and survival horror action.

Read review Apr 17, 2012
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