Puzzling (Mis)Adventures

Our regular round-up of puzzle-platformers and other puzzle-centric games

Moss review

Big things can come in little packages, like the abundant charm of this short but sweet PlayStation VR exclusive action-adventure.

0 | Mar 30, 2018

INSIDE review

Limbo’s superb puzzle-platforming spiritual successor will pull you in and not let go from start to glorious end.

0 | Mar 3, 2017

Candle review

Burning within this gorgeous watercolour adventure is a surprisingly challenging puzzle-platforming experience.

0 | Jan 11, 2017

Rememoried review

Once the novelty wears off, this surreal dream journey proves to be a largely forgettable explorational platforming experience.

0 | Apr 13, 2016

Pulse review

This stylish exploration of blindness has a unique artistic vision but stumbles through an incoherent story and insubstantial gameplay.

0 | Mar 23, 2016

Puzzling (Mis)adventures Volume 14: Never Alone, Last Inua feature

Puzzles aren't dead; they're just hibernating in the north, like in these enlightening Inuit platforming adventures.

0 | Apr 21, 2015

Munin review

Some lesser-known Norse mythology is squarely at the center of this stylish world-turning puzzler.

0 | Mar 27, 2015

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 13: Where is My Heart?, Back to Bed feature

Your perspective on puzzling platformers may just be turned in unexpected ways in these two stylish offerings.

0 | Dec 5, 2014

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 12: Wayward Manor, Phantom PI feature

A pair of haunted houses provide some offbeat puzzling fun, but will scare off anyone looking for story depth.

0 | Nov 11, 2014

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 11: Magrunner, Project Temporality feature

These two puzzle-platformers emulate the popular Portal formula with their own clever ideas, if not quite the story depth or polish.

0 | Sep 26, 2014

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 10: Monochroma, The Bridge feature

It's the rich settings and gameplay that add most of the colour in these largely black-and-white puzzle-platformers.

0 | Sep 5, 2014

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 9 - Fez, Thomas Was Alone feature

There's a wealth of creative gaming goodness squeezed into each pixel of these lo-tech puzzle-platformers.

2 | Aug 8, 2014

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 8 - Nihilumbra, Grimind feature

Our latest search for puzzles outside the genre was a dark and perilous journey, but the outlook proved anything but bleak.

0 | Apr 11, 2014

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 7 - Stick It to the Man, Tiny Thief feature

Who knew that having a spaghetti arm growing out of your head or being a diminutive Robin Hood could lead to so many fun puzzling scenarios?

4 | Mar 7, 2014

Contrast review

This stylish puzzle-platformer will keep you on your toes with its clever light and shadow-based gameplay and surreal atmosphere.

3 | Dec 2, 2013

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