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Frequently Asked Questions

What are adventure games?

Adventure games are all about stories, exploring worlds and solving puzzles. This article will give you a more elaborate description.

Can you recommend some good adventure games?

Have a look at our Top Games page, our recent reviews, and other resources accessible via the main site menu.

Where can I download adventure games?

GOG.com and HumbleBundle have a catalog of over a hundred popular adventure games available for purchasing and downloading. (These shop is are not a part of AdventureGamers.com, we do get a small commission on sales.)

Can you give tech support for [game X]?

We don't make or publish games so we can't provide tech support for games (so please don't e-mail us asking for it!). We recommend you contact the tech support desk of the company that published the game. If that doesn't work, you might try posting a request for help on our forums

For support for purchases made at GOG, visit their website.

Where can I buy classic or hard-to-find adventure games?

For physical copies, yard sales and thrift shops are a good bet, or you might have luck at eBay and Amazon. For digital downloads, try GOG.com (Good Old Games), or Humblebundle (Steam).

How can I get an old game to run on my modern computer?

We recommend two programs for enabling old games on current-day systems.

ScummVM is an emulator that will play many old adventure games on a range of modern platforms. It supports nearly all the classic LucasArts adventures games, and many made by Sierra (King's Quest, Space Quest, etc.), Revolution Software (Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword), Adventure Shop (Simon the Sorcerer) and others.

DOSBox is a general-purpose tool that allows you to simulate a DOS environment on many current platforms including Windows, Linux and MacOS X. It should help you run an old adventure game in most cases.

Where can I download freeware adventure games?

There is an active community of freeware adventure game developers. For more on freeware games go to the Freeware section of this site. Some companies offer old games online as freeware. For instance, you can get Beneath a Steel Sky legally for free at ScummVM. It's important to note that although we support the preservation and availability of older games, it is illegal to download "warez" or "abandonware". You will find no such links on this site.

Can I trust your reviews? Is your editorial content influenced at all by advertisers?

Adventure Gamers has earned a strong reputation for editorial integrity and independence, which we work hard to maintain. Check our site policies for details.

Can I reprint and/or translate articles from Adventure Gamers?

You cannot copy our content (articles, images, etc.), or make translations thereof, without explicit and advance written permission. Contact us if you want to reprint an article somewhere and we will review your request.

We are very protective of our copyright and regularly scout the web for copycats. Any articles copied and/or translated with our permission will explicitly state this on the page, along with our copyright disclaimer. Any page that doesn't include this notice is violating our copyright.

Printing or copying an article for personal or educational use is allowed under fair use. (This includes printing out single copies, saving an article on your harddisk or publishing brief attributed excerpts, but does NOT include re-publishing articles on a public web site, magazine, etc. without explicit permission.)

Again, you cannot copy and/or translate our articles without our explicit permission. Please stick to this rule.

Can I send you a review or article I wrote?

If you want to apply for a position on the staff, feel free to drop us a line. If you have any sample material — great.

How does the Hype-o-Meter work?

The Hype-o-Meter on our home page shows a ranking of ten upcoming games that people are excited about. As the name implies, it is far from any sort of scientific measure. The rankings are determined based on a combination of forum polls, reader feedback and the assessment of the Adventure Gamers team of preview material and press demos. The Hype-o-Meter is never a measure of quality, it is a measure of the buzz on upcoming games.

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