Aggie Awards

2011 Aggie Awards

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen. After a year’s worth a of games and a week’s worth of suspense since the announcement of our nominee finalists, the 2012 Aggie Awards presentation is upon us! We don’t have any big name celebs on board, but on the plus side, there are no agonizing acceptance speeches to sit through either. Just a bunch of great games from the past year to celebrate.

You’d think after just deciding on the top 100 adventures of all-time that picking winners for a single year would be a snap, right? Wrong! It wasn’t so hard to narrow down the candidates, but choosing only ONE for each award wasn’t all fun and games... or, well, it was all games, but it wasn’t always fun.

Perhaps more than any other year to date (in this, the fourth annual Aggie Awards), there was intense competition in each and every field. From triple-A blockbusters to beloved film franchise adaptations to brilliant small-team indies emerging from nowhere, there was no shortage of games that blew us away. Sure, in a field of 67 games there were clunkers in the mix, but 2011 was a feast for the crème de la crème of adventure games.

While that means there are some eminently deserving winners, it also means that some oh-so-close-to-being-almost-as-deserving titles were left behind. Most categories came down to photo finishes, but remember, as always, there are no losers here, only runners-up. Fortunately, every game got TWO chances to win, as we’ve once again tallied up the votes from our public poll and presented the Readers’ Choice Aggie winners as well.

The awards presentation will run daily from Wednesday through Friday, so check back each day to find out which games took home the coveted golden statuettes.

And now, let the Aggies begin!


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Page 2: Best Story

Page 3: Best Writing - Comedy

Page 4: Best Writing - Drama

Page 5: Best Character

Page 6: Best Gameplay

Page 7: Best Concept

Page 8: Best Setting

Page 9: Best Graphic Design

Page 10: Best Animation

Page 11: Best Music

Page 12: Best Voice Acting

Page 13: Best Sound Effects

Page 14: Honorary Aggies

Page 15: Best Independent Adventure

Page 16: Best Console/Handheld Adventure (Exclusive)

Page 17: Best Non-Traditional Adventure

Page 18: Best Traditional Adventure

Page 19: Best Adventure of 2011

Page 20: Final Notes

First up: Best Story... the envelope, please!

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