Editorial Policies

Adventure Gamers has earned a strong reputation for editorial integrity, which we work hard to maintain. Our promise to you is that our content will never be influenced by marketing campaigns, friendly publishers, or free review copies.


Reviewers are required to finish each game before submitting the review so that an accurate judgment of the game as a whole can be made. The editor works with reviewers to ensure the score is an appropriate representation of the review itself, but will never change a reviewer's score. (Explanation of our score system.) We only review final code; evaluations of pre-release builds or demos are always marked as previews.


Adventure Gamers is dedicated to providing its readers with credible and authoritative information. In order to provide our website for free, we accept advertising and affiliate sponsorships. So that we may accept advertising and also remain a trusted source of unbiased information, Adventure Gamers adheres to a strict policy of editorial independence:

  • We have a dedicated representative dealing with advertising requests, and this person neither writes for the site nor works with the Editor or writers.
  • To ensure a position of independence, we maintain multiple revenue streams that are not directly dependent on adventure game publishers.
  • Reviewers are never asked to change the score for a game after a review is submitted. The editor's goal is to ensure high quality and accuracy, and to ensure that the text of the review and the given score are in line with each other, but will never override the reviewer's final scoring decision.
  • In turn, reviewers' names are never revealed ahead of time and they do not communicate with game companies themselves, avoiding even the possibility of behind-the-scenes influence, whether personal or monetary.
  • Adventure Gamers in all cases maintains complete editorial control of the content we develop and present to you. Our advertisers and other third party sponsors are not permitted to exert any influence over our content, nor are they ever allowed to make changes to any content on our site.

At times our policy has led to situations where Adventure Gamers has given a low score to a game that was also being advertised on the site. There's no doubt that some companies consider this possibility 'less than ideal', however we pride ourselves in our ability to be honest and accept advertising at the same time. Fortunately, most companies understand this, and it's a system that's been proven to work for over 15 years.

Editorial Independence

As the majority of Adventure Gamers contributors are volunteers, some hold positions in the game industry, either on a permanent or freelance basis. We strictly avoid conflicts of interest by assigning reviews to impartial members of staff, and no editorial influence is ever granted to any staff member involved in the development of a game.

Extent of Coverage

We cover adventure in all forms, including commercial, amateur, and text. Although we enjoy other genres and adventure game hybrids, we keep our focus on adventure games and leave other genres for other sites to cover. We use the following guidelines to determine which games fall within our scope:

  • Games with action elements that are highly subservient to its adventure elements are considered adventures, and will be covered fully. Full Throttle is a good example of such a game.
  • We do not cover action-adventures, roleplaying games, or other game genres besides adventure games.
  • We do make some exceptions for games that are deemed to be of substantial interest to adventure gamers, but may not confirm to strict definitions of the adventure genre. However, it's likely these will be treated as special feature articles and not reviews.