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kings quest 7 in 1997 when I was 7
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Default First?

Trinity on the C128. Loved this game. I was hooked. I am an ex-C128 adventure game player. I am also an ex amiga, mac and ex ps2 gamer. I like my Nintendo Dsi XL now. All my games play on it and I love the interactive screen.

Not all platforms are for all people - but for me games like "The last Window" on my Dsi XL are the ultimate gaming experience.

BUT - in its day the C128 with Infocom adventure games were an amazing gaming experience.

I love all third person adventure games

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My first adventure game, before I even know what "adventure game" meant, was Shadowgate on NES. It's the reason why I have it as my avatar.

I think I was about 5 when I first played it. To this day the Shadowgate music still gives me the creeps!
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Broken Sword, a few years ago, would have been about 22, god i sucked at adventure games never played them before in my life ta that time, and found it really hard to adjust.

but i recently played SOMI (a game that my severely limited brain rejected 100%, back when i started,) and loved every single moment of it, shot to the top of my list next to machinarium.

Just completed Full Throttle in one sitting too, ( although got stuck more in Full Throttle than SOMI weirdly enough )

definitely wish BS1 wasn't my first adventure game though, had i anticipated how thick i would be at first, i would have chosen some light, decent games, instead of trying two of (seemingly) the top three avdentures games of all time right off the bat.
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I think I might have told this story before, but for me it must have been "The Secret of Monkey Island". The thing is, I only realised this years later when playing it again, that it was.

You see, when I first played it, I was very young. In fact, I might have not yet entered school at that time. We were at the house of some friends of the family, and my 2 sisters, the kids of the family (all three of them that were present) and I were playing one of the old adventures of the family's father. And when you consider that I was the youngest of us 6, you can consider what "playing" consisted for me in this situation: Suggesting what the person in possession of the mouse (everyone but me.) could do, and hoping the suggestion might be taken into account.

Anyway, we played Secret of Monkey Island. I recall one particular scene where we were in a large room with some old guy at the side, and an overhanging second floor in the back. I recall this overhanging balcony like floor in the room very well, as friends' house also had one of those in the living room (their house was, and still is, awesome.). We were trying to acquire a file for working on metal, and I recall that the guy in the room said he only had nailfiles.

I guess all of us who played SoMI know that this is the Shop on Melée Island.

Anyway, years later I got my hands on SoMI, and started playing. I enjoyed it quite a lot, until I suddenly came across this scene, and realised: I've played this before. Not the complete game, but I did go through this scene before.

So yeah, "The Secret of Monkey Island" is most likely the first Adventure game I've ever come in contact with.

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Wow, I think mine was "The Hobbit" too. That or the "Treasure Island" game for C64 - I had a C64 as a little kid (I'm still in my 20s to tell you how young I was when I had my C64!) and was enthralled by them both. I never lost interest in adventure games, playing Sierra classics as well as the likes of Monkey Island when I was a little older, then becoming obsessed with Blade Runner in the late 90s, then after a short break getting back into them regularly, and playing almost every decent to good title (still in the process though not many left now that are released!).
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After my parents bought our first computer a family friend gave us a box of floppies. There were some adventure games among them, but as a young kid with no manuals I didn't get anywhere with them. I also remember attempting to play a bit of Police Quest 3 on my cousin's computer but never getting far.

What got me into adventure games was the arrival of a 4X CD-ROM for our computer. It came bundled with a few games. I imagine they may have all been from LucasArts. The ones that I still remember are The Secrets Weapons of the Luftwaffe, Loom, and The Secret of Monkey Island. Of the last two, I don't remember which I played first, but Monkey Island definitely had the bigger impact on me. It remains one of my favorite all time games and one of the most prominent gaming memories.
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My first adventure was probably Michael Crichton's Amazon (http://www.mobygames.com/game/amazon) for the C64. To be fair though it was more like my Dad playing while my brother and I sat by the side and watched. The coolest part of the game was the huge map of the amazon that they bundled in the box.
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It was probably the most advanced game my computer could have run back then.
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Wow! Just dredged up a memory from the distant past. An Adventure Game I played before I even knew what one was.

My parents got me a computer when I was really young - I can't even remember the name or make, only that it used tape cassettes, that took an eternity to load - and in amongst the action, platformers and such was a game called 'Stranded' that noone in my family could fathom.

You were an astronaut stranded - of course - on an alien world. We worked out we could walk East and West etc. but would be instantly destroyed by robots.

Now that I understand how AGs work, I expect I could have got a lot further than my simple-minded child self.
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