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Default Treasure Rebus

Anybody Ever Played This?

I've solved the first bit. And it was interesting and fun. An encouraging start!

But I gotta wonder, first, if the system -- since it is based in and utilizes the real world -- might have long since broken-down? Or, you know, become "corrupted, by it's own feedback/presence in the world?

If you've played it, can you advise?

And if you haven't played it you might just like to.
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This game looks familiar Name:  opanachke.gif
Views: 110
Size:  959 Bytes:

If you can read this you don't need glasses.
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Well that sucks.

I guess I waited too long to get back to it. It's been languishing there in my bookmarks since I did that first bit and then got way too casual contemplating and getting back to the 2nd puzzle. Weeks turn into months, I guess?

So, the website is gone. The facebook page is still there -- but I haven't a facebook account and I am in a deathmatch with FB (one of us, FB or I, will die eventually -- and in the meantime we will not "meet up!" "match up!" or otherwise "connect!").

I'll have to google around a bit, though, before I give up, because it really did seem a promising scavenger-hunt/adventure.
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