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Default Anyone else that Loathes "Rubic Cube-ish" puzzles?

You know, the "move tiles around till they are correctly positioned". I suspect it might have a "system" but most of the time I do them quite fast after a couple of minutes of trial an error. It's not irritating because it takes long but because it's such a trial and error waste of time. It doesn't have much actual critical thinking.
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Yep, I have to agree.

Recently played Broken Sword: Directors Cut and it had some particularly nasty ones near the beginning of the game.
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I am great at these kind of puzzles, so I don't mind them...
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Tiles on a flat surface I'm OK with.
The 3D versions where I can't see part of the puzzle, I do not like.
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Slider puzzles? I think they're worthless and stupid. If you know the system, they are too easy and add no mental challenge to the game. If you don't, they are time-consuming challenges of luck rather than skill, and all they do is interfere with the rest of the game.
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I like sliders and all kinds of logic puzzles so they never bother me even though they're just there to make the game longer. From time to time I even need to play a Myst-like game with lots and lots of logic puzzles.
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I don't mind logic puzzles if they're well integrated into the environment and the story doesn't suffer for having to stop and do one of these little darlings. Some of my favourite early AGs were loaded with such mini-games. That said, if a game with good storytelling doesn't have enough of these sorts of manipulation puzzles in them, I don't mind. I've always seen them as arbitrary desperation devices put in place to simulate the struggle involved in resolving the plot dilemma in a more realistic fashion (which the game can't simulate accurately, so we get puzzles instead).

The closest I've ever seen to a 'slider-type' puzzle that really behaved like a real life problem solution was the infamous lock picking segment in Still Life. Man, did that puzzle ever get me worked up. It was every bit as hard as you might expect, and it was exactly the sort of obstacle I think such games need, but in the end, I'm not sure that it was a fair take on the idea. I guess they felt the need to make it extra difficult because the finesse of picking a lock was impossible to recreate with a mouse and keys.
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I'm like Jelena, I enjoy these type of spacial logic puzzles. Even if you don't like them, you can always follow a step by step WT solution (unlike action puzzles where no amount of coaching can help if you are just too slow).
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I hate slider puzzles too - I always have to get my boyfriend to complete them for me. >_<

He mentioned last time that the trick is using the outer ring of tiles - rotate them around in one direction and swap with the inner tiles to get them into the right order in the outer ring. That idea helped me complete one all by myself!!! :O

Worst puzzle to get me stuck in a game however - the 5-in-a-row in Machinarium. Made me rage for hours!
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I am not a fan of sliders either, like mazes my mind simply goes into blank mode at the sight of one.

Ho, I'm going to try your boyfriend's trick next time to see if it will work for me. Thanks~
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I dislike slider type puzzles. Most puzzles where I know what I need to do but can't do it normally annoy me. This includes those 'turn all lights on, but you can only do it in groups of 4' puzzles as well.

I like to figure things out. What I don't like is having to solve an easy jigsaw puzzle in a convoluted way.

Interestingly, I like the similar Traffic Jam puzzles, where you also have to move tiles around. I think this is because moving the tiles is the goal rather than an obstacle.
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