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Default Tablet PCs - good for adventure games?

So I was thinking of getting myself one of those tablet PCs. They seem like the ideal machine for the point 'n click adventure gamer: instead of using a mouse, just directly pointing at stuff on the screen using the stylus.

It SOUNDS really awesome anyway, but I was wondering if anyone here on the forums actually ever tried playing your regular adventure on a tablet PC. How does the whole experience compare to using a mouse/keyboard? I also heard that on some of these tablet PCs, a right click is accomplished by using the back of the stylus (not sure if this true), which might not be ideal for some point and click adventuregames.

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I've played adventure games on the DS, which is similar I suppose. It's OK, mice are actually a lot more responsive. As the game's cursor wasn't designed for stylus, it'll work the same as a mouse but more awkwardly I reckon.
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I played Simon the Sorcerer under ScummVM on my PocketPC and playing with the stylus is not very "confortable" (no mouse over tips, etc), since the game was created to be played with a mouse.
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Hi, It actually depends on what kind of tablet pc you want. Theres the "Touch" (no need for special pen) screen, the "Pen" (uses electromagnetic something) based or both. I have a Toshiba R15 It has penabled wacom screen. The Pen actually is like a mouse wherein when you point or "double point" at something it's like you are clicking with a mouse. the pen also has a "side" click which can act as a right click or left depends on your settings. Also you can hover over on the screen and to an object (again like a mouse) you can actually see the mouse pointer move. You can drag objects. The back of the stylus is used as an eraser if you are writing,drawing etc. You don't need a battery or wire on this pen because of wacom's technology.

About nautilus' pocketpc I assume that it is "touch" based like the Nintendo DS. I have a Dopod pocketpc/phone which I tried scummvm also before (It was slow) and yes lacks the left click and hover, you can however set it on other keys/buttons(the left click) but..meh. Overall I like my tablet but its kinda old and bulky but I managed to install vista on it which has great tablet pc support. You just need to upgrade the memory above 512mb to gain decent performance. So yeah I guess tablet is nice and even you're on the go, You don't have to set it down on the lap/table you can carry it around while playing point and click games. You are limited only on battery or the extension of the cord

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You don't have to use the pen with a tablet. I don't think a pen would be that useful for AGs.

A tablet's typical resolution could be good for AGs, but I'm personally a bit disappointed in the tablet I recently got at work for other purposes. It's max resolution is usually less than any desktops you remote to (if you do) and the connect machine's desktop will rearrange itself in an annoying manner.
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Awesome, thanks for the responses guys

I also tried some scummVM games on my friend's DS, which I thought worked well if not a little slow/choppy (and alas no talkie versions of the games).

I was thinking of getting something like this:

Just for the coolness factor, but judging from hunt's post it might work decently for adventure games as well! Especially when I'm commuting in the train / bus.
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