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Default Need game recommendations? Come on in...

Welcome to Adventure Gamers!

So, you're new to adventure gaming or have come back to it after being gone for a while, and you're wondering where to find the best games the genre has to offer. We don't blame you! There are hundreds of games out there, so where does one begin?

Coming to Adventure Gamers, of course, starts you off firmly on the right foot. But now that you're here, you'll still want a little help in finding the right games for you to enjoy. Lucky for you, adventurer, you're now boldly going where many have gone before, so let's get started!

Basic Information

First, the basics about the genre and a nice primer on the diversity of adventure games: What are adventure games? This article may help you to figure out what type of game you're mostly likely to be interested in.

If you're starting more or less from the beginning, the best way to narrow down your choices is to dig into our Reviews section. Sort the list however you want, but the basic rule of thumb applies: the higher the score, the better the game.

Of course, new adventures get released all the time, so if you've played all the classics and only want to know the latest and greatest, look no further than our Top Adventure Games feature, which has recommendations for the highest rated recent PC, Wii, DS, indie games, and more!

From now on, you'll want to stay on top of which games are coming, so keep an eye on our handy Release Dates page. For more detail about those games, you'll find regular updates on the News page.

Lists, Lists, Lists

A former AG editor weighed in on the matter a few years back with his picks of the Top 20 Adventure Games of All-Time. While no means a definitive list, it'll give you an in-depth look at some genre classics. Bear in mind, however, that many of these games are quite old now and may not be the best ones to start playing if you're new to adventure games (but they are definitely worth a visit as you become more comfortable with the genre).

But enough of one person's opinion, as it's nice to hear from others. Besides, lists are fun! Our forum members often discuss their favourites, particularly when others, like you, have arrived looking for recommendations. Here's one such topic:
If you are looking for a certain type of story or game style, here are some threads that may give you game ideas. These threads aren't updated as new games get released but they should give you a helpful start.
Humourous games:
Try these as well! (written, designed and programmed by the wonderful AG staff)
Mystery games:Spooky and/or Horror games: Science Fiction games: Cyberpunk games: Full Motion Video games: Mac Adventures: Adventure games on consoles (while not a huge market, there are some):
Mobile Phone Games
Underground games

Along with the numerous commercial games, there is a thriving Underground community of creative, ambitious game makers. If you're a little short on cash, be sure to check out The Underground where there are news items, reviews and developer diaries.

Technical Information

If you are looking to play old games on a new computer, some of them may require emulators such as DOSBox (all DOS based games) or SCUMMVM (most old LucasArts adventures and a growing number of others). If you are having trouble figuring out how to use these programs, have other technical problems or are stuck in your game, check out the Hint Requests and Technical Problems forum (you can search or post a new thread asking your question).

If you still aren't sure of what games would be best, you have a burning question or would like to introduce yourself, feel free to start a new thread. The staff at Adventure Gamers hope you have fun with the games you find to play and come to love the genre as much as we do (why else would we be here?). Enjoy your stay at Adventure Gamers!

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