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Default Telltale Now

Have you guys given any thought to allowing other developers to use the Telltale Now system?

I was think of the likes of "A Vampyre Story" or other notable small developers who might want to sell downladable games.
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Their system? There are more people than TellTale who use this system.

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We are very interested in working with like minded developers to get their content on Telltale Now. Bill would be a great fit.
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Have you by any chance been in contact with Jane Jensen about her "Gray Matter" project which is on hold? I see that you're hosting her "Inspector Parker" game at Telltale Arcade.
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This in no way answers your question, but the Inspector Parker game is really pretty neat.

Hmm...I haven't written a review for it on our site yet. I should remedy that.
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Our hope is that Telltale Now becomes like an HBO. We make our own "programming", but also have "shows" from others. But that the overall feel is consistent. So when you want great stories and characters, you go to Telltale, and when you want a shooters, you "tune in" somewhere else. We're not quite there yet, but that's where we're headed.
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