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Default The Legend of Kyrandia (YouTube)


Ok... back with another review!! This was meant to be all three games in this trilogy all at once, but it seams my memory of the original game is somewhat distorted over time. I remember this as a fantastic game that I loved... but ... I now consider it to be the worst game I have played in recent times form my retro library. Those of you that have emailed me saying I never ever have anything bad to say about any of the games I do... well here you go.

It is a shame really as the 2nd Game is a real diamond and well worth your time. I will have to give it a video itself, as I do not want this vid to put people off what is really a great game world, and a beautiful fantasy, fairy tale style adventure series. It is strange really, I have stopped playing adventure with much less bad game design as this, the 1st in the series, but the charm of these charicters and story is still there hidden under the broken gameplay.

Anyway... Hope you like this... I have been realy busy with some of my projects this year, and havn't had time to compile a video for the games I have played, though I have 6 titles all recorded and sitting on my dump drive. So as soon as I have more.. I'll post 'em!!

Happy Adventuring

YouTube = The Legend of Kyrandia (Review)
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Heh, you pretty much nailed this review as usual. I still have a place in my heart for this game, mainly because of the lovely graphics, characters, and awesome music but you are totally right, some of the puzzles (using the term loosely) are just horrendous. I can't even believe there was a meeting that took place where the designers thought randomizing the gem puzzle and randomizing where they ended up when you were wrong was a great idea. I guess they thought it was okay to artificially lengthen the gameplay.

And then that maze, aie.

Still, great review of a flawed masterpiece. Please do some more reviews, great stuff!
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