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Default Runaway 2: The dream of the turtle

It's been a while since the game was published, but i got to it only recently.

I remember Runaway 1 as a game i really enjoyed, and that had
gorgeous graphics... So, basically, i had the same expectations
when it comes to R2.

The story in the game starts OK with Gina jumping out of the airplane
(well, pushed out of it to be more precise), but then it takes a turn
with the Trantorians. I don't remember them having that big influence
in the first game... I know you get to meet Joshua but i had no idea
it was all that serious.

Same as R1, The dream of the turtle, has amazing graphics, and it's only
downside is the fixed resolution that can't be boosted up - but still, it looks amazing.

I ran into 2 bugs during the game - first one being unable to pickup the
cigar holder at the Lokelani's bar, and the other on the ship, when Dean calls
that French girl, and she just runs off in the middle of the conversation leaving you stuck and unable to even open the inventory/options screens.

Both times reloading an earlier saved game worked just fine, and i don't mind
these bugs all that much.

The puzzles are fine in most of the cases, but there are several of them
where the game just doesn't give you enough hints what to do next
so you end up doing all sorts of trial-and-error stuff.

But the most stupid part of the puzzle/inventory thingy i've noticed is the fact if you need to combine something in your inventory you need to do it in a specific order.

For example: Putting item A on item B works fine - and Brian combines them,
but putting item B on item A doesn't. It should work both ways.

All in all, it's a good game, and i'm definitly going to get the third one since
the story just continues... but to be honest, i didn't get that satisfied feeling
when the game finally ended...

Hopefully R3 will fix that

Oh... one more thing

That Monkey island chapter 6 part was great hehe.
Brian still gets insultet by the parrot, and wearing Guybrush's
clothes makes it even more funnier.
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