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Default Star Trek BORG (youtube)

Hey guys... back with my last review for a while .I tend to do them in 2's but I did 3 this month!!! OMG... heh... oh well back to work now

Ok well this is for Star Trek BORG a FMV interactive star trek episode and a sorely under rated game imo. This is an old game from 1996 and was pretty hard for me to track down. I am still looking for a "in good nick" version of its predecessor Star Trek: Klingon. This game was a real pain to get running. I had to end up running it in a 95 virtualization. This was when applications came in both dos and windows, and Microsoft "encouraged" developers to check the OS before launching the games. If 95 is not detected, the game will not load, a really bad move and the bain of us retro gamers. There is a patch (Google: Star trek Borg patch) that gets it to run in XP, and I hear vista and win7.. but only in a 32bit environment. It will not run in 64bit windows at all, and for some reason my 32 bit XP virtualization wouldn't display, the videos played but appeared as black. Anyway.. I had to set up a 95 virtualization and that was a bit harder than you might think.. Still I got it working and it is well worth the effort if you are a trek fan, or just interested in FMV game in general.

Anyway, while this game is terrific and I really enjoyed it. I would only really advise it for Star Trek fans (like me!) and anyone interested in the lost and, imo, ever under-valued and potentially amazing game type that is FMV.

I hope you like the video

Happy Adventuring

YouTube = Star Trek Borg (Review)
YouTube Direct Link MP4 - download
YouTube Direct Link HD MP4 - download
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Last review for awhile boo!!!

I may try and grab this off of ebay based on your review.
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