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a wallet. Every adventure game starts with a wallet

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It's the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle!!!
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1. A witty and creative sense of humour (which will also help for illogical and out-of-the-box type puzzles)
2. A magical amulet that protects against dead ends (especially useful in Sierra-type adventures)
3. A dagger with "the Sands of Time" in it - or any other "autosave" feature that allows him to try again should he meet his demise

Originally Posted by kuze View Post
Knee guards.
I lol'd.
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So, a bit biased from playing many HOGs but:

A sturdy hunter's knife that doesn't break on the first object you use it on
A magnet on a rope for when you drop the metal object needed for a vital puzzle, or see something down a drain
A crowbar or possibly a hammer, depending on if the person is smart enough to find heavy items to break stuff or not..
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I had a good hard thing about this but it would be quite good to start off with:
Money, 'Tardis' pockets, & lack of morals so that you have no conscience about helping yourself to anything else that's not nailed down & not yours!
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Knife, rope and crowbar. If the combo of these 3 don't get you anywhere, nothing will.
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Crowbars are also must have if you're playing Half-Life.Lol,sorry I was watching some video the other night or...reading something,I don't remember,but it had to do with crowbars being the emblem of Half-Life.
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A smartphone with a camera, an encyclopedia, a periodic table, a few foreign language dictionaries, an alarm, a phonebook, a newsreader, and a microphone feature, to record clues, call cabs, etc.

A pocket charger for the phone (cord doubles as string in an emergency).

A credit card, to buy things and shim locks.
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