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Default A Science Fiction Saga, the next Gemini Rue?

I've searched the forums for any mention of this and can't find any! If I've done the embarrassing duplicate thread thing, please delete.

But this game announced a couple of weeks ago excites me greatly, another sci-fi indie adventure game. Has a Beneath a Steel Sky feel to it from the screenshots.

Taken from the forum I found via Kotaku:


A Science Fiction Saga

(name subject to change)

The Story

What if a regular guy suddenly finds himself millenia in the future, in a world--or universe--that he doesn't understand, and which surely doesn't understand him?

This is the situation that Anderson Kane finds himself in when an incident at work turns his life upside down, inside out--as well as a few multidimensional variations--as he is forced to quickly adapt to a way of living the rest of mankind has evolved into for thousands of years.

Walk, stumble, fall, teleport, hyperspace, and wormhole your way in Anderson's white sneakers through various solar systems, interstellar spaceships, colonies, and alien outposts; uncovering an unsettling truth about the human race that will put you, and newfound friends/enemies, in a not entirely welcome spotlight.

Sometimes you just want to know what your place in the universe is.

Some features and "features"
  • A story that will (hopefully) make your moral compass spin a bit.
  • Characters that bring the universe to life.
  • Dialog- and event-based puzzles.
  • Not many puzzle-puzzles.
  • Interaction interface reminiscent of Full Throttle's (and more recently Gemini Rue's).
  • Uncomplicated action sequences to break up the pacing of the game.
  • A buttload of different areas to explore.
  • More ways to die than is the norm in today's point and click adventure games.
  • A change of outfits regularly so you never get tired of looking at Anderson.
  • Not really recommended to a younger audience.

I will post updates here from time to time, but there will be more regular information being posted on my twitter account (@eastman). Feel free to follow me there if you want some more behind-the-scenes stuff Smiley

Early Screenshots
(some of these are early workflow tests)

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I recently heard of this game through IndieGames.com, so I guess its been getting a lot of recent coverage lately.

It does indeed look amazing, and could easily be the next Gemini Rue. Science fiction is perhaps the least populated genre in adventure games, so by my standards this game is already a standout. My only real concern is that the developer himself admitted that the story is generic; but I think that was just his attempt at modesty.

I do wish that he went all the way with the graphics and made them high res. I mean, it's not really "retro" or pixel art, and the screenshots reveal a degree of what I take to be deliberate pixelation or down-rezzing of higher res images. In a case like this, I think the deliberate attempt to be low-res hinders the perceived quality of the presentation (whereas in Gemini Rue, the use of low-res was consistent and never deviated with any high res intrusions). Anyway, I still think the game looks great, but he should just "go with the flow" of his artwork and keep it higher res.
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Saw this on Kotaku. Definitely love the look and feel. Very BaSS
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Looks nice and sounds interesting!
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Awesome looking game! And I like the Futurama spin. Will make for some really interesting puzzles!
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