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Default The Lost Mansion: Indie iPhone adv game

Hi Guys! Just wanted to let you know that my myst-like adventure game, the Lost Mansion, is now available on iphone/ipad!. It has also been available on the mac app store for a while. I'm going to make it free in about a month if you don't feel like paying for it.

The Lost Mansion is an episodic first-person story-driven adventure game where you explore the deserted island of Naereaon and discover what occurred there. This is _NOT_ a puzzle driven game, so it will appeal more to kids/casual gamers than hardcore puzzle fans. I'm releasing the first episode on iPhone today, and assuming I get a descent level of interest I'm going to release the remaining episodes over the next month. Help support indie adventure games!

I also made a really simple free arcade game called Ink Dot if that is more your kind of thing

Check it out! Thanks!
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You know, I've been seeing/reading about a lot of adventure-type games for iOS devices lately; some of them look quite good, like Secret of Chateau de Moreau.

In general I'm not a fan of Macs (it's like against my religion or something) nor do I own any Mac devices save for an antiquated iPod Nano that I never use. Anyway... my point is that I'm beginning to wonder if I'm missing out on a lot of cool games.
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Many of the adventure games on iPhone are ports or are also available on PC, but there are some exclusives worth checking out. I've had an iPod Touch for about a year and sure don't regret it.

Then again, I got mine for free with airline miles, it made the purchase decision easy.
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While my game was not originally made for iOS, I actually think it's a great platform for adv games - the touch interface works really well with the genre. I guess this applies to all touch devices, not specifically apple. I actually think it may be better than PC in the long run.

I've been working on some prototypes that take specific advantage of touch - haven't come up with anything great yet but I'm going to keep at it !

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