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Default The Count of Monte Cristo: now available

After a month of testing it's finally here. Based on Alexandre Dumas' story of revenge. You have to get Edmund Dantes out of prison (the dreaded Chateau d'If from which nobody has ever escapes), find out who put you there, then find the treasure so you can take your revenge. Includes classical music, the complete text of the original novel, an improved hint system and lots more.

Here's a review, here is the demo, here's a new interview (if the page is not in English click on ‘vertalen’ at the toolbar under Gameflow), here's the main web site (including teaser video), and here are some screenshots and wallpapers from the various games.
That’s all the news for today. Thanks for reading!

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I always thought this book would be a great full production adventure game.
Glad to have my old username back. GhostPirateLechuck no longer.
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