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Default New, 13th Skull, Machinarium

Hey guys,

New here, Just finished Mystery Case Files, 13th Skull. Was a really interesting game. Never have played a detective game quite like it. Even played the bonus level which is a must. Also Machinarium was an awesome game, so hard, had to cheat a few times on that one to figure a few out puzzles out, but awesome game and art work.

What are your guys take on these games and what should i think about playing next?
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Welcome to the forums!
Check out this thread for game recommendations!
Machinarium was a fantastic game!
Since you liked Machinarium, you should check out "Samorost".
Haven't played Myster Case Files though.
But if you like "detective" games, be sure to check out: Grim Fandango, the Broken Sword games (esp. 1 -3) and Discworld Noir!
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I checked out that Samorost game that the same people make, it was a little to weird for me.

And Grim Fandango, best game ever. Played it when I was younger. Loved it
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try discworld noir (which if you have xp should work fine)

should be right up your street if you loved grim fandango so much
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