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Curse of Monkey Island... i've ordered AVS so im looking forward to being treated to some more lovely art work.
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Originally Posted by lasenity View Post
Indeed Ceville was right up there for me too. Love the game and it's artistic take.
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Secret Files 2 was pure eye candy!!

If you have a state of the art graphics card this game will amaze you.

Can't recommend this game enough.

I love all third person adventure games

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I don't get why Dreamfall is mentioned so often. The backgrounds were goodlooking, but the shrubbery came straight out of 2000... looking into the distance revealed some gorgeous locations, but you could never explore any of those far-off locations.

I do have to say Marcuria was pretty to walk through...

but for me personally, the honour of being graphically lush would be Blade Runner.

It has atmosphere, it has detail, and it just looks good... even today.
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The Neverhood was absolutley jaw-dropping and definitely the most uniquely designed computer game (not just adventure game) to ever hit the market.

and ~although I wouldn't call it a pixelated picasso or anything like that~ I also have to name Little Big Adventure 1 & 2.
they may not be the best looking games out there but their artistic design is something that could never be erased from my memory. cute and eerie at the same time, just like the games themselves.
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I have to agree with Tsa on the last version of Myst Online.

nice that the MDNA games were mentioned, I always feel like "I wanna go there".

Dracula Origin was good, but the story made the whole experience so dull, especially the endings, that it is not my favourite game, butthe graphics were nice.

Sybria was very good in my opinion too.

EDIT: Oh no, I forgot GRIM FANDANGO. I love that game and the whole mexican thing going on, and I did like the graphics a lot.
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The game that blew me away most visually was actually Kings Quest 6! I remember being so impressed by the introduction sequence, I just couldn't believe it was a computer game.

Doesn't really stand up so well now though!

Lately I have been impressed with Dracula: Origins and Secret Files 2.
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Well, the term "lush" was used instead of "impressive", which narrows things down a little. I'll just throw in my hat and say the Myst series as a whole has always had top-of-the-line gorgeous graphics.

(Until Myst V which was surprisingly unimpressive.)
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Both Syberia games, hands down. There's something about the art style and the graphic atmosphere of that game.
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Chronicles of Mystery - This game is simply put, beautiful. Best graphics I've seen in a very long time. It is very pretty and plays very well.

I'm now BACK to being a PC adventure gamer wooo hooo !!!!!

Chronicles is pure eye candy. I just play it to drool.

I love all third person adventure games

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