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Default Black Mirror 2 tech problems

Hi all,

I'm trying to play Black Mirror 2 on my laptop. It does have an integrated video card, but I've had good luck playing games on it, except for those that won't load at all with an integrated card.

So I got BM2 from Adventure Shop and just installed it. The game starts fine. The opening cutscene is really laggy to the point of being nearly unwatchable, but, ok, I can deal with problems just on the cutscenes. The gameplay looks gorgeous and everything works, except for the dialog. Whenever two characters are talking the dialogue moves extremely slowly and I have to click through to get to the next line at all. It's really annoying, but it seems like such a little problem that I should be able to overcome it. But when I go to the options menu, most of the options are greyed out and cannot be adjusted. I turned off mirror and anti-aliasing, but it says graphics quality high, and will not let me adjust it at all. One of the game tips said that you can turn off the sound entirely if you choose "speech bubbles" from the options menu, but there is no such option. I have the subtitles turned on, but I was hoping I could maybe turn off the sound entirely and that would speed things up, but I don't see any option to do so.

As far as patches, the only patch I seem to be able to find is for the German version, and I don't know if that would work/help at all. So, does anyone have any suggestions? (Besides playing it on a different computer. I'm disabled and can't sit at a desktop and can't afford a better laptop for now.)

EDIT: Ok, I'm kinda an idiot. I restarted the game and went to the options screen from the start menu instead of in game. I was able to change the graphics settings and that seems to have improved the speed. It's still slow whenever two people are talking/interacting, but I think it's more tolerable. If anyone has extra good advice, I'm still open to it.

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