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Default Broken Sword 3 - Catacombs

Can someone send me a savegame from the level, "catacombs", after you talk with the dying guy.
i would appreciate any savegames from the catacombs level because my computer crashed
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i know the combination of the wines in the catacombs part but it doesn't work when i click on the green one it autoamtically goes to the right red wine and i want the left red wine .. what should i do ??
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Hi there! and welcome!

I usually keep BS games installed on my PC ! They're great! Have you played BS 1 & 2 yet?

I have a saved game of when you are near out of the catacombs, and just need to adjust the clock and go to the secret door.
Will this do? Here it is:
Just extract it and copy to your saved games directory.

About the bottle puzzle :
U have to use the page down button by default. But if the PAGE DOWN button doesn't work try configuring different keys for the selections from the main menu. If not, use my saved game.
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