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Default "Games that changed the world: Little Big Adventure" at C&VG


Despite selling a healthy 300,000 copies, LBA2 and its quest to unmask the evil Black Monk (who turned out to be Funfrock in disguise) marked a premature end to the Twinsen story. Work on a third episode had began, but a deal was brokered that would see Adeline become part of the Sega empire. The team was renamed No Cliché, and work on a secret Dreamcast project commenced. In 1999, in time for the US launch of Sega's last console, Toy Commander was released, a good game, but neither big, nor little, nor in any sense of the word an adventure.

Today Raynal is working on a few projects as an external consultant and promising to "jump on some real stuff in a few months." Perhaps then it's not too late to hope for a third game that might conclude the adventures of everyone's favourite Quetch?

"There is nothing that really prevents LBA3 from seeing the light of day," says Raynal hopefully. "Didier and I speak a lot about it these days."

"LBA3 is ready," says Chanfray, before dropping us down to Earth, "only so far, it's only in the head of Fred and myself. Unfortunately, putting a title into production today is difficult. There isn't any real publisher desire for this type of product. The big name publishers are happy to manage their biggest-selling titles and that's it... That's all there is to say!"

He may be optimistic about fathering a new Little Big Adventure, but Frederick Raynal is unconvinced that the original was anything more than just a good game. We insist his work continues to be an inspiration, citing the recent Beyond Good & Evil as proof, but Raynal just shrugs. "LBA was the logical convergence and evolution of several inspirational games. It's just another brick in the wall." A very large brick, we quietly add.
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