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Default Interview on Quake '5' Arena

This is looking really promising. Where Quake 4 and Doom3 were focused on single player and the multiplayer was an afterthought and effectively failed, Id Software's Executive Producer Marty Stratton is promising a brand new Quake Arena game to actually match and possibly beat quake 3 arena, still regarded as the best and most perfect competitive fps. The new quake arena game will focus solely on multiplay and is to be developed after the web browser version of Q3. I don't know how many fans there are here of quake 3 apart from me, but the community has been waiting for a long time for a decent MP to supercede Q3. I can't wait!

Check the interview:
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Quake Zero...not Quake 5
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Originally Posted by KamisoriX View Post
Quake Zero...not Quake 5

Nope, there's quake zero, and then there's the next main quake arena game.
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I've played Quake 3 actively for a couple of years, and I haven't managed to get hooked like that to any other FPS since. The counter-strikes, battlefields, enemy territories and unreal tournaments of this world just don't cut it for me. Let's hope a new Quake will bring the good old feeling back.
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I did always used to like quake, but the the UT's took over in terms of playing online. I'm hoping this bring me back to the dark side!
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