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Old 10-19-2005, 11:35 PM   #1
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Default Happy Birthday Spider Crusoe!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Have a great birthday!!!
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merely human
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key lime martini

happy birthday, cutie!
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Happy Birthday Spidey!!
''My names George. It means... Well, its just a name''
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Happy Birthday!
"The old standby, that never got old in the first place. We come back to them weekly, nightly, for hours at a time--and they always deliver. They are pure, timeless, and often taken for granted." - Nick Breckon - Shacknews

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Happy birthday!
Look, Mr. Bubbles...!
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Happy Birthday!!

Here's a pan!
Just seen DEATH, and he'd said HI.
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The Thread™ will die.
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Happy Bithday, Spider!

Ignorance is bliss, denial is divine, and willful ignorance is a religious experience.

Share the love.

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Here's wishing you a very Aphex birthday!

And hoping you don't have to deal with any crises like this one:

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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday, Spider!!!
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Thanks, guys. I need to go now, so I'll do some partying later today.
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Happy birthday
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I'm late! Have a great, Northwestern Happy Birthday! Help yourself to some rain.
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Gave no proof all day long that the flag was unwhere!
No say does am spar-strangled shroud hang limply!
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~Excerpt from the Bizarro Anthem
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