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Default I Was A Vegas Showgirl - Short 3D Adventure

Sissy O'Leary was a Vegas Showgirl. Now she's dead. But her spirit guide Chief Sitting Duck is giving her another chance.

Sissy's beau Billy Lyons wants her to steal Stack-O-Lee's lucky Stetson hat. Stack-O-Lee is the toughest Casino owner in Vegas, but with his Stetson Billy can win the money they need to make it to California.

Can Sissy get the Stetson and keep breathing?


(Please note that this character's opinion does not reflect my opinion of the game.)

I Was a Vegas Showgirl (32 mb)

This is the first game to be released using Pauli Suuraho's DAGE, a promising adventure game engine currently in beta (discussed here on these forums. I started developing this for the TIGSource "A Game By Its Cover" competition. I didn't finish it in time, because real life and a few developmental issues with DAGE got in the way. But it's finished now! It's pretty short, but it does have a few alternate endings.

I know there are a few quirks to do with the version of DAGE I'm using, so feedback and bug reports are welcome!

I previously made the AGS game Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!, so if you hated that, this game is totally different. Well, it has no pirates in it.
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Great stuff!
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I remember reading about this game not long ago. Glad to see it's been released.

Will try to play it soon.
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Hope you like it!

I can't seem to update the first post on these forums... but the game now has a home on the DagePort site:

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There's a time limit on normal editing of posts. If you'd really like to have that link in the opening post then let me know and I'll add it on your behalf.

In any case, thanks for the page link. I shall be giving this game a look in the next day or so but I like the screenshots you've posted.
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I am downloading the game right now.

We'll see what it's like.
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