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Default Saving Sam & Max 2

i just thought id put all the information in 1 its easier 4 people..if any1 could start a and put the information up it would be even better...

Saving Sam & Max 2

e-mail lucasarts and tell them what you think about the cancellation
[email protected]

sign the petition

write a letter

P.O. Box 10307
San Rafael, CA 94912

vote here at the gamespot poll

do everything you can to let lucasarts that there is a market for a sam & max 2
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I'd gladly donate the main index page of to the cause.

I didn't have Max in mind when I registered the domain six years ago, but the name sort of fits the cause, don't you think?

Anyone good at webpage design? I'm not. That's why there has never been any content on my main page (aside from a fake 'page cannot be displayed' message).
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