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Default Adventure Game Scene of the Day - Monday- Dec 4 2006

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Voices by Ron Perlman and Bret Spiner.

Written by Roger Zelazny.

It had a lot going for it. Chronomaster was frustrating to play though. I thought it was fairly average game.
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An excellent game, one of the best sci-fi plots in gaming history.
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I needed a WT for most of the game. It was one of those oldies that I had on the shelf for a while and I decided to try it out. It was enjoyable enough to finish, but I did almost give up a few times.
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Never heard of that game

Does it take place in virtual reality or what ?
The graphics look whacky and ... ugly
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Originally Posted by Tiocfaidh View Post
The graphics look whacky and ... ugly
I agree.
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And bad graphics... is what I was going to add.
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Sorry, couldn't resist...

Name:  Mystery%20Vortex.jpg
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Man.... those graphics...
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Haha, I immediately thought of Sam & Max myself
"The Mystery Vortex". Great!
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Amen to the above, as soon as I saw the ceiling I thought of Sam n max then I saw some wacked futuristic character. ^_~
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