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Originally Posted by feminista
The DS Lite is out in japan already, you can import it for $200 USD.

Should be out in the US in may or so (not sure about other countries). I'm waiting patiently for it so I can play Phoenix Wright, which looks amazing.
oh really,it's great!but $200 is too high ohhh=(.. so i need to be patient for at least one ha =)
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WHen will that game be out I want that game it look so cool.
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well Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina is out in Japan and has been scored
by Famitsu; news courtesy (04/05/2006)
thought people would like to know...

Osawari Tantei: Ozawa Rina (NDS, Success): 6 / 6 / 7 / 7 - (26/40)

meh, Famitsu is fairly useless anyway, but i thought i'd pass along the news.
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