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Default Five new games added! Ankh, Carol Reed Mysteries...

There's a big update on Adventure Shop today, with five new titles now available. There's something for everyone: humor, adventure and mystery.
  • Ankh
    A comedy adventure game set in Egypt. One of those rare lighthearted games.
  • Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris
    The sequel to Ankh from 2007. (Check out our interview with the creators from a while ago.)
  • Riddle of the Sphinx
    If you're looking for a more serious investigative game set in Egypt, this is it. Riddle of the Sphinx is the game that came before The Omega Stone, released a few years later.
  • Time Stand Still
    The Third Carol Reed Mystery
  • East Side Story
    The fourth Carol Reed adventure

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Wow, that was quite a load to add in one go
Is that why, there's no more in the Coming soon section? lol

Oh and what happened to Amerzone?
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