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Unhappy Turnaround for Response


I'm new to this site and was wondering how long it takes to receive a response to from the customer support department. I purchased a game on Friday January 18, 2008, and had a problem with installation. I sent my email to:

[email protected]

on the same day and, as of today (a week later), have not received a response. I just wanted to know if I should burn another download allowance because the installation said my source file was corrupted, or if there was some other action that needed to take place. I was expecting to be able to play my game, Syberia II a week ago. Please advise.
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Adventure Shop
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Hi Teejay,

I want to thank you for purchasing a game on the adventure shop.
Your request has been forwarded to support.
It would be kind of you to share with us the email address used for purchasing the game?

You'll find our contact email address on the first page of the adventure shop.

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Thanks. I sent it to you in a PM.
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