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Old 01-13-2004, 05:19 AM   #1
Joop Sloop
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Default aaand the winner iiiis... anounced the winner of their competition!

go check it out
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The Reggienator
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Hmm, Polygraph didn't win, damn...

That one was my favourite.
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Puts the 'e' in Mark
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WTF? Polygraph didn't win? Bloody shame. That was a powerful image.

Also... the funniest ad makes no sense at all and isn't funny.
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Tactlessly understated
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The best ad was the one with Bush playing with the globe a la Charlie Chaplin from the great dictator....
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You mean the Bush as Hitler one didn't win.
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Under pressure.
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The hitler comparison is stupid. If Bush really was *that* bad, they wouldn't even be able to make such a movie.

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