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Default The Colonel's Bequest (YouTube)


Been really busy... had this one on the back burner for a while and finally got the time to finish it.. It is a little rushed as I just couldn't fit everything I wanted to say in 10 mins but didn't have enough to say to make 2 videos.

This, obviously, is for The Colonel's Bequest. IMO a very under rated game and well worth a look see if you missed it. Personally I loved playing this when I was younger and I still enjoy it. Though what makes this great is the way it changes when you play it again.. but as I have played it on and off for over 20 years... there are few surprises left in it for me

Oh well..

Anyway.. hope you like it. I am pretty busy making my own hobby adventure game at the moment.. so I do not think there will be a new one for a while... Still when there is I hope to see you then

Happy Adventures

YouTube = The Colonel's Bequest (Review)
YouTube Direct Link MP4 (32meg) - download
YouTube Direct Link HD MP4 (152meg) - download
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