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Default Colonels Bequest - I can't get the real ending!

I'm stuck at the end here, I can't think of what I might be doing wrong.

I pick up the gun next to Lillian, enter the basement, discover the bodies and collected the treasure.
No time passes between doing these things.

After that, when entering the attic the game gives me the bad ending.

Any suggestion what I'm forgetting?
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You have to go back to the house as soon as you find Lillian's body, otherwise you'll be too late to save the colonel. The exploration of the underground passage should have been done earlier — as soon as you find the matches on Clarence's body.
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OK thanks, I was afraid it was something like that... I saved the game just after picking up the gun, and I overwrote the most recent save... meh

"Save early, save often", I think I've heard something like that somewhere
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This site purports to have save games that might resolve your problem. I've only found it in a search so I can't give you any guarantees the files will work and I'd recommend scanning them as well.

It's this sort of thing that makes me use as many slots as possible for game saves.
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Just keep in mind that the Sierra saves are very version specific, so they may not work with your game. If they don't, you can try this:
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