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Default If you love PC Gaming history, why not help a good cause

The Computer Gaming World Museum is devoted to hosting PDF scans of every Computer Gaming World Magazine, which ran from 1981 to 2006 before if became Games For Windows (and ended publication shortly after that).

The first 100 issues are available for download, but the site's owner needs some financial help to scan the next 100 issues (for a new scanner, and for shipping and handling for the magazines).

If we help him out, we can read about classic games such as Gabriel Knight, Full Throttle, Doom II, whether Wing Commander IV was worth a budged of 12 million, the legendary John Romero "will make you his bitch campaign," and my personal favorite, the 150 best games of all time.

They accept donations through paypal and they are already halfway to their goal. I'm in no way affiliated with them, just a lifelong PC gamer and a former reader of the magazine.

If you haven't already, check out the first 100 issues to see the quality he puts into scanning these pieces of gaming history.
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A very worthy cause, i highly reccomend it to any and all of our fellow adventurers and members here.
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