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Default Older computers

The gaming rig thread brought this to mind. Does anyone else here keep older computers for running games? Maybe it is just because I'm not very techy, but I value my Win95 and Win98 to help load those oldies.
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Well I have my old laptop (that I still need to transfer my files from to my new laptop) that has WinMe which runs some older games very well. When I get that done, I'm going to clean up the hard drive and reinstall Win Me.

I also have a Win 3.1 from 1997 that I think still has a 5-1/4 " floppy disk drive. I don't have it set up but have always meant to.
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Yes, I have a Pentium MMX with a 166 Mhz processor that I got for free when my office was clearing out inventory. It's running Win98. It's hooked up to the same mouse, keyboard, and monitor as my regular computer via a KVM switch. I love it. There are some games I *could* get running on XP with a bit of work, but it's so much easier to just run them on that computer instead. I have like 20 Sierra games installed on it.
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I have old computers, but I don't use them anymore (mostly because I can only take one PC to university, and I like being able to get most things to run on a single PC).
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I have my old hand-built machine that has WIn98 (SE) on it and which I also have a custom-configured DOS Boot disk for. That can run most of the older stuff.

I also acquited a second Win98 machine (free as it happens) which has the the specific hardware that a lot of the mid to late 90s games required to run. For example Resident Evil (the first one) won't run properly on my hand-built machine because the graphics card doesn't fit the narrow "required" list.(the best I've ever got is black blocks around the animated graphics) This second machine runs it fine.

I also have a Commodore 64 and an Amiga in the attic but I'm guessing that isn't what you had in mind.
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Originally Posted by stepurhan
I also have a Commodore 64 and an Amiga in the attic but I'm guessing that isn't what you had in mind.
Marry me! ))))))) I've sold my Commodore computers long ago...
Oh, you're a boy.

I bought a PC in 1994 and kept upgrading it since (yeah, the disk drive is still being in use ), so no old computers for me. Except for that 8bit Amstrad machine over there. And an old Pentium machine my father brought from his office, too. See fov's post. Inventory, clearing out, etc. I've never used it, though.
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I have my old Dell laptop that I keep around for games. Pentium 3 with Win98. It works well, and it has a rather large and lovely screen, plus a DVD drive built in. I know a lot of people have had complaints regarding Dell, but overall this machine works well. I had to have a few parts replaced under warranty in the first year that I owned it, but after that it's worked flawlessly. Aside from the battery, of course, but I wouldn't expect it to hold a charge after seven years.

I also have a 486 laptop around somewhere, which doesn't really get much use, and an inhereted Mac Powerbook that is about ten years old, and also works perfectly, aside from the battery.

Laptops are definitely the way to go for maintaining backwards compatibility. Anything else is too bulky to keep around.

Though I do have a Commodore 128 packed away. And I did have an Atari ST, but I sold it to a musician friend.
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Well, I just don't need to anymore. I did have a few old computers, but they were more hassle than they were worth (big, a pain to find space for and set-up). My desktop PC I dual boot with Win98 and XP but I haven't even needed to log into 98 for over a year now.

All the old games I play seem to work in XP now...
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commadore 64, amiga 500+,amiga 1200 and 3.11 windows and a 95 as well, love them all and well i wont part with them and so my tiny room gets even smaller because of all of them set up and used at least once in a couple of months. Some games it's easier to have the older copys with older machines as with simon the sorcerer it looks better on the amiga cd32 than on xp graphics wise as i found recently.

Edit i could list the games consols but i wont bother
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AMIGA 500, my old computer running Win95 (or was it Win98? I can't remember. In any case, I can't access the Internet with my new computer while the old one is running too.), and we still have several old computers downstairs in the Storage hall behind the office. One of them still has Win 3.1 and a drive for the really old floppies (the large ones) as well as normal the more common floppy drive.

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