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Default The Silver Lining Episode 3 coming out TODAY!

Phoenix Online Studios has announced that The Silver Lining Episode 3, the third episode of the KQ-based fan game, will be released TODAY at 6 PM EST! For more information, visit our main website here.

Has anyone here played the first two episodes? If so, what are your opinions? We love hearing your feedback!
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I would, but the server keeps timing out on the 1 GB download for the three episodes. Is there any other way this is being distributed? (i.e. file sharing services, torrents, anything?) I gave up trying to get Episode 2 and I would really love to play this.
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Hey discoalucard,

Here's a message from our QA manager:

" post a suggestion that he get a download manager like GetRight or FireFox has a built-in download manager to keep downloads from timing out. Or they could just try download the 1+2 build and the patcher version separately. The mirrors look fine and we haven’t seen any reported issues in our forums on a specific server timing out so I have to assume it’s just this person’s internet connection speed or ISP issues."

Hope that owrks for you, sorry for the inconvenience!
César Bittar
Phoenix Online
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