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Default HL2 MOD HIRING - 5 Days A Stranger

RECRUITMENT: Concept Artist / 3D Artist / Texture Artist / Programmer

A 3D remake of the acclaimed retro adventure game
[email protected]

Story Genre (style):
Supernatural Thriller

Game Genre:
First Person Adventure Game

Source (HL2/Dark Messiah/Portal) from Valve

Log Line / Scenario:
A solitary cat burglar breaks into an abandoned manor, only to find himself trapped with four other captives. As a murderous force begins to prey on the 'guests', the thief must unite the living, uncover the malevolent history of house DeFoe and try to survive five days a stranger.

5 Days A Stranger (or 5Days3D) is a remake of the original 2D adventure game created by Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw. Though this version will be longer and more detailed than the original, we highly recommend that you visit Fully Ramblomatic and try out Trilby’s first adventure. It kicks ass. =)

Similar Games:
Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth
Sam & Max
Gabriel Knight
5 Days a Stranger

* Drags point and click adventures into the 21st Century: Intuitive adventure game interface integrated with modern first person navigation

* Tense supernatural mystery: Your survival depends on your wits, lateral thinking and courage

* 5 Days of Horror: The DeFoe manor changes and reacts to your actions and those of the game characters over five days

* High detail 'live' environments, using the Source engine: Highly interactive, highly immersive

* Dynamically shot conversations: More than two bloody camera angles!

* Professional Voice Acting – Acquiring the services of professional voice talent & recording

* English ghost story setting - but with 'slasher'-style villain

* Expanded storyline with beginning, middle AND satisfying end!

Mod Progress:
The mod is at an early stage of development – internal map betas, cutscene tests and initial music design.
Technical design document alpha completed.
Unfinished map work pictured below (missing lighting, textures, 3D skybox and models)

Release Estimate: (Roughly) late third quarter, 2007.

What's in it for you?
5Days 3D is a HL2 modification with commercial potential, but for the moment we’re concentrating on making the best modification we can. Potential contributors should focus on the project as a fun portfolio project – we’ll deal with the more complicated stuff later on in the development cycle.

Available positions: We’re trying to keep the team as small as possible, so applicants with a broad range of talents are highly desirable. At present the team already has a level designer, texture artist, musician / sound designer and tool programmer.

Concept Artist:
We expect the Concept Artist to create a coherent art direction for the project, help refine established concepts and produce drafts for level, character and item designs which will be used by character, item and level artists.

Character Modeller:
The character modeller(s) will create, bone, animate and (ideally) skin the 3D models of the 5 Days a Stranger characters. This is an adventure game, so emphasis will be placed on making your models ACT – characters are more likely to shout at and reason with each other than empty a clip while breaking somebody’s neck.

Item Modeller:
The item modeller will be working with the level designer to help populate the highly-detailed 5Days levels with skinned furniture (chairs, lighting fixtures, trees). The item modeller will also be expected to create items used by the player throughout the game (lockpicks, idols, Dictaphones, etc…)

Texture Artist:
An additional texture artist would be very welcome! Artists should have experience in skinning characters and have a firm grasp of the Valve material system.

The team programmer will work to create an inventory and dialogue system within Half-Life 2, providing documentation and support to fellow team members. C++ knowledge a must!

At present the team is proceeding according to an extensive design document, but due to the evolutionary nature of game creation all team members are welcome to have their say in the ongoing design.

All candidates must be fluent in English.

If you’re interested in contributing to the project then please send appropriate samples of your best work to [email protected]

For artists interested in sending concept samples specific to 5 Days a Stranger, there follows three bios of characters from the game…

Age: 28 Height: 6'4" Weight: 13st

Mysterious, cunning and immaculately dressed, Trilby is an enigma to his contemporaries and a nightmare to his pursuers. An expert at stealth, gymnastics and lockpicking, he can get in and out of any stronghold before anyone even realises he's in the area. Having evaded the police for many years and restricted himself to robbing only the rich, Trilby has made himself out as something of a hero to the downtrodden. He doesn't make mistakes often, but breaking into DeFoe Manor may be his worst, and potentially, his last...

Trilby never goes anywhere without his lockpicks, a black velvet mask that covers his entire face, and his 'grolly' - a grappling hook launcher made to look like an umbrella.

Simone Taylor
Age: 32 Height: 5'7" Weight: 8st

An up-and-coming darling of the British Broadcasting Corporation, Simone Taylor is rapidly making a name for herself as a newsreader and correspondent. It's a cut-throat world on the way up the steps of celebrity, but she wouldn't have it any other way. She found herself trapped in the mansion after her journalistic curiosity got the better of her; it is this curiosity that may prove her own undoing.

The Welder
Age: Unknown Height: 6'8" Weight: 14st

A hulking figure wearing a blood-spattered leather apron and wielding a rusted machete, it’s face hidden by an antique welding mask. The Welder appears in Trilby’s dreams, an unreasoning creature driven by fear and rage. But when the disfigured corpse of one of the guests is found, some of the survivors begin to wonder if the Welder has found a physical form…
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Is Yahtzee involved with this? Does he even know about it?
Before you ask, "Nemel Chelovek" is from a Russian fairy tale about a dragon, his uncle, a princess, and a heroic pageboy. Nemel is the uncle in question.

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Interesting. Is this being made in conjunction with Yahtzee, or is it a fan project?
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make sure you use english accents (good ones) for voice acting!
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Hey folks. Short clarification: Yahtzee is contributing to the design and monitoring the production - and when we get around to the voice acting we'll be very careful to ensure the voices suit the project. Hope that sets your minds at ease. =) If you'd like to get in touch, please mail [email protected].
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Do you have a domain registered so that we might track the progress of the adaptation?
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Can't seem to find the 'Edit Post' button, so apologies if it's RIGHT THERE IN MY FACE and I just haven't seen it.

The Coding position is filled. Thanks to all the applicants - rest assured, we will stay in touch.

We're still recruiting concept artists, modellers and animators. If you're interested in joining our highly-motivated, adventure-game-obsessed team, please send your application and samples of your best work to [email protected].

Thello - we're going to keep our progress fairly quiet for the next while. When we start shouting, you'll know we're at the 50%-75% completed stage... =)


The 5Days3D Team
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As you may or may not have seen on fullyramblomatic.com, we've just launched our recruitment site: www.fivedaysastranger.com

Project hums along - new mapping assets, new models and the basic game systems are coming together nicely. The release estimate has been updated to late third quarter 2008, however. =)


The 5Days3D Team

PS: Be sure to check out Yahtzee's new video series on The Escapist - Zero Punctuation

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I remember playing and loving this game and those 3D samples of the manor look awesome.
I may post up some concept designs of the characters and see if its what you're looking for.. Im guessing line drawing with or without annotation?
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Originally Posted by bradsmokes View Post
Project hums along - new mapping assets, new models and the basic game systems are coming together nicely. The release estimate has been updated to late third quarter 2008, however. =)

All the best,
late third quarter 2010, I suppose

I´d love to play this !
Hopefully it will see the light of day.
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