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wow pretty cruel and obnoxious of this Eriq Cheng guy or whatever his name was.

I hope he gets some vicious backlash.
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I like to think that I am always impartial and in no way a "fanboy" but...

I completely agree with others that I do not want to see anyone but Jane Jensen make another Gabriel Knight game (not that it will ever actually happen).

I don't mind POS's KQ game for a free game, i've quite enjoyed it so far, but if they come anywhere near GK, even be it in cooperation with Jane, I will sell as many internal organs and family members as it takes to personally fund a "pure" JJ version!

Similarly, I think Telltale have done well with Monkey Island and I have enjoyed what I have played so far of BTTF. However, I cannot imagine their version of GK would be anything but eyeball-gougingly horrible and a complete disaster.

*Intense Degree stalks off to allow his fanboy rage time to cool down.
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