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Default Eurogamer Expo 2010

As you may very well be aware Eurogamer Expo is taking place once again in the fair city of London 1 - 3 October 2010.

To be honest I don't know how much AG specific stuff will be there as the exhibitors & games confirmed so far are fairly console-centric. However, we're allowed to like other genres too right?!

Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else from these forums was thinking about going, and if so whether anyone would be interested in an informal meet up so we can all stand around awkwardly in silence like the socially inept nerds we truly are! (or I may just be thinking of me here!).

Also, anything anyone's looking forward to seeing? Fallout: New Vegas and Heavy Rain Move Edition probably top of my list.
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Originally Posted by Intense Degree View Post we can all stand around awkwardly in silence like the socially inept nerds we truly are! (or I may just be thinking of me here!)....
You should have joined us at the AG get together we had in Amsterdam (discussed in the chit chat section) in April this year. I don't think we had a quiet moment during day.
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I've been going to Eurogamer for the past couple of years with uni mates and its quite fun. Not much in the way of adventure games though. I only remember a couple last year - Blue Toad Murder Files; we got to sit and play the first episode and were given woolly hats with the blue toad logo on it and t-shirts which boldly stated "I got lost in Lady Snobbish's bush". Oh and that was where I first played Heavy Rain - I made it crash horribly but it was sooooo good

Its certainly great for all the freebies and was great for meeting some of the companies in person with the careers fair they had upstairs. It gets crazy busy though and you probably will barely see the more popular games (and people are horrible hogs of the consoles). I recommend some of the lectures and talks they have going on throughout the day - they're often fascinating.
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