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Default A few more on the horizon

I realise that these have (or may have), been aforementioned, but anyway . . . .

Super Jazz Man : If you, like me, enjoyed Herculean Effort's Apprentice games, you'll be looking forward to this one too . . . .


Cassius Pearl ; http://www.adventure-eu.com/index.ph...=103&Itemid=63 'Cassius Pearl - New Adventure Game from France
A number of developers working for big French developing companies like Ubisoft, Eden Studios, Arkane Sudio, Stormfront, and Pam Developement have formed a new company called Krysalide. They are currently working on a point and click adventure called Cassius Pearl for the PC. They have created their own engine for the game. The graphics are 3D as you can see in the screenshots and they have a distinctive French feel to them. The story is a comedy and there are many references to well known movies. The development is 50% completed and they are currently looking publishers. We will have more news on this title soon. In the meanwhile feel free to check out some of the 11 screenshots of the game in the gallery.'

http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/new...php?story=8663 'March 23, 2006

Q&A: 'GDC: Game Connection - Nicolas Magnier, Krysalide'
During the Game Connection portion of the GDC, Gamasutra met up with Nicolas Magnier from Gaming-Side, and his cohorts at Krysalide, a new French developer who aims to revitalize the point and click genre. Their game is called Cassius Pearl, which features a unique art style, and a whole heap of humor. An associated company, Dream On, will be working on a DS port.

Gamasutra: What made you want to make a point and click game in this day and age?

Nicolas Magnier: In fact, the first concept of the game was a platform game on PlayStation 2. And we moved to the PC, and then to the point and click because it was easier to create, and easier to pitch to publishers.

GS: You thought that point and click was easier to pitch?

NM: Well, it’s difficult to pitch a platform game on PC.

GS: Oh, it’s because you had to move to PC, I see.

NM: Also in Europe, a game called Runaway was released, and it was a bit of a genre comeback for gamers. It reminded people that point and click games are good. I think that’s one of the reasons. Maybe it’s not well known in the U.S., but in Europe, it was a great comeback for the genre.

GS: So is this totally finished?

NM: No, it’s about 60% finished.

GS: How easy do you think it is to port something like this to the DS?

NM: Well a lot of things have to be redone, resynched, and you have fewer polygons, so you have to downgrade the graphics, but basically I think there’s something really nice about the interface. There’s something really natural about it, for point and click type games. I think the spirit, and most of the graphic style will be intact on the DS, though we will have to adapt some things. But it’s definitely worth it to try. As far as I recall, the only adventure game released for the Nintendo DS as Another Code from Nintendo. It was quite successful in Europe. So we think that with some unique graphics, and a really crazy humorous story, we could create something great for Nintendo DS.

GS: It runs really smooth – does it have a high spec?

NM: Basically it runs at a lower level than any modern FPS. It’s designed to run on low-end PCs.

GS: Yeah, I think that’s necessary for the average adventure game player. They don’t tend to upgrade much.

NM: There’s nothing that’s very high-end about it-it’s a game that will run on any average PC.

(The character enters the bar)

Ah – the bar is one of my favorite locations, it’s so cute.

GS: Yeah, I saw that there’s a guy sitting next to a bar of wood. with lipstick on it.

NM: Yes-that’s his wife.

GS: When do you project to have it finished? Or are you going to wait for a publisher?

NM: I think we’ll wait for a publisher to finish it. But I think once we’ve gotten a publisher’s signature, the game will be release in 10 months.

GS: So is this the first game you guys have done together?

NM: Yes.

GS: Is it your first project, or did you work in games before?

NM: This is the first project, but we also do subcontracting. We’ve done a few contract jobs, and work for different companies, like for art and things like that.

GS: Is it difficult to get contract work right now?

NM: (laughs) A little bit.

GS: It doesn’t seem like the industry is quite ready for it yet.

NM: (showing a level editor) So yeah, right now on PC this part is pretty heavy, but on the DS I think there will be some tricks to make it work.'

Cassius Pearl GamePlay video ; http://loicbarrier.free.fr/CASSIUS/CASSIUS_PEARL.avi This is a direct link to the video download.

.................................................. ............................ . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Abbey ; http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=36522

'The Abbey announced by Crimson Cow
Crimson Cow, the company that will bring us the long-awaited A Vampyre Story, announced during the Games Convention 2006 that they have one more adventure lined up for 2007. The press release follows:

Crimson Cow secures another adventure game highlight

The German publisher and Alcachofa Soft sign worldwide publishing deal for "The Abbey"

Hamburg, Germany, August, 2006: Crimson Cow and the Spanish developer Alcachofa Soft have announced a cooperation agreement. As part of a worldwide publishing deal, the companies will be bringing the point-and-click adventure "The Abbey" to market in 2007.

The ambitious project takes adventure fans to the gloomy world of the Middle Ages. An old abbey is the scene of a series of mysterious murders, and only one man can put a stop to the slaughter. In the role of the Grand Inquisitor Leonardo and his assistant Bruno, the player's task is to shed light on the mystery.

In addition to a gripping storyline with many an unexpected twist, "The Abbey" will feature a wealth of technological and graphic innovations. A special highlight will be the innovative presentation of cinematic proportions.

"With 'The Abbey" we are extending our line-up of adventure games with an exceptional title," said CEO of Crimson Cow Karsten Otto. "The second game to be published by us worldwide is one of the most lavish adventure projects ever realized in Spain. 'The Abbey' will tread new paths in many respects, and will provide both fans of the genre and occasional players with a completely new PC game experience."

Emilio de Paz, manager of Alcachofasoft S.L., also welcomes the cooperation: "We are pleased to have found in Crimson Cow a partner who is a known specialist in the adventure game sector. The realization of "The Abbey" represents the fulfillment of a long-felt wish. Together with Crimson Cow we will present players with an unrivaled game experience.' http://www.adventure-eu.com/index.ph...=260&Itemid=63

screenshots . . . .

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Thanks for those.

Cassius pearl has been brought up before, but it never hurts to mention it again. Especially when it's such a great looking game.

I don't think I've heard of the others.
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