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I think it is madness to ask a developer to try and incorporate things they don't enjoy into their game
Actually, many publishers do just that with their dev teams: Force them to include stuff that the marketing guys tell them "must be in the game".
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Yes, Tim, that's what I want. But I also want the developers to want to explore new grounds. It's no need for anything extreme, just a healthy curiosity and a little "what would happen if we did it this way?"
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I take your point rags and I understand where you're coming from, but it seems that adventure game developers seem to have a hard enough time getting good backing as it is. That's hardly going to improve if AG developers start inserting action components etc. (particularly if they are not even into that kind of thing) and the game flops, and let's face it there are a hell of a lot of AGs out there that tried this approach and - you guessed it - flopped.

I am all for innovation, but not at the cost of the plot, puzzle quality and other values of the genre.
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