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Sefir 05-01-2012 08:52 PM

Reminds me a note from Zork Nemesis.

Trunkyo 05-02-2012 05:12 AM

Yes, you're right, Sefir. (The note can be found right at the beginning of ZN.)

I had some spoken lines from the game too, but if this game is brought back in the new forums, I'll save them until then. ;)

Sefir 05-02-2012 09:04 PM

I started to play the Zork games recently, so I'll be waiting. ;)
In the meantime.... quote:

I accuse Colonel Horseradish in the Library with the lead pipe!

Shany 05-12-2012 05:52 AM

I think we need a hint.

Sefir 05-12-2012 07:30 AM

Well, I was about to wait for a couple of guesses before giving away a hint or a second quote but since its been some time...

Another quote from the same game (much easier to recognise... :) )

Polly wants a cracker!!

Jon_wachter 05-12-2012 09:15 PM

The secret of Monkey Island?

Sefir 05-13-2012 01:29 AM

Hehe, no its not Monkey Island. Look for another parrot....

Shany 05-13-2012 05:41 AM

Starship Titanic?

diego 05-13-2012 06:11 AM

Fate of Atlantis?

Sefir 05-13-2012 09:04 PM

No, its neither Starship Titanic nor the Fate of Atlantis...
Seems another quote will be useful:

It's a traditional, a well established ritual of your
actual mugger and victim relationship, you being the
victim and me being the aforementioned mugger. Now PLEASE put your hands up.

zobraks 05-13-2012 10:29 PM

I'm dead sure I played this game but I'm not sure which one it was, so I'll say the first thing that sprang to my mind: Discworld (the first game in the series, of course).

Sefir 05-13-2012 10:36 PM

Yes Zobraks. It's Discworld. The first quote was Famine playing card games with the other 3 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the second was the parrot at the Edge of the world (the amazing use of a...cracker :D ) and the third from the games intro....

SweetDalilah 05-15-2012 03:07 AM

Next quote, zobraks? :D ( or you don't want another quote to go down the drain either :crazy: :P? Oh and how about posting a new screen here, too (since AG scene is officially dead now and all :z). )

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