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Walkthrough - Mystery House


                               FAQ/Walkthrough for
                                  MYSTERY HOUSE



Author:   Tom Hayes
E-mail:   thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com
System:   Apple II
Updated:  10th June, 2008
Version:  1.1


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Item List
4. Map
5. Copyright Information


1.1:  10th June, 2008     (Format update)
1.0:  14th January, 2008  (First version)


1.                                Introduction


Made in 1980 for the Apple II, Mystery House was the first Hi-Res adventure
made by On-Line Systems (later known as Sierra Entertainment). A group of
people have been invited to an old house. As notes and bodies start to appear
in the rooms it soon becomes clear that there is a murderer in the group. The
aim in the game is to find the murderer and escape with a treasure from the
house. The parser understands two words, the monochrome graphics are extremely
basic and there is no sound to speak of, yet there is a charm about the game
that makes it extremely playable. The company that would go on to become famous
with the numerous series of Quest games got off to a good start here.


2.                                Walkthrough


The game starts in the front yard. Move UP to the porch. OPEN DOOR. GO DOOR to
the entry hall. Move WEST to the kitchen. LOOK SINK. GET BUTTERKNIFE. OPEN
PITCHER. Turn the WATER ON. GET WATER in the pitcher. Move EAST and SOUTH to
the dining room. GET CANDLE. LIGHT CANDLE. LOOK to trip over and drop the
candle. A fire will start, so POUR WATER from the pitcher on the fire to see a
hole in the rug. LOOK HOLE in the rug to see a small key. GET KEY.

Move NORTH, UP and NORTH twice. GO DOOR to enter the study. Move EAST to the
bathroom. GET TOWEL. GO DOOR to enter the study. USE BUTTERKNIFE to loosen the
picture on the wall. GET PICTURE to see a button. PRESS BUTTON and a section of
the wall will open. GO WALL to enter the musty crawlspace. Move DOWN twice to
the basement. GET KEY. WIPE ALGAE on the wall using the towel to see a brick.
GET BRICK. GET JEWELS. GO HOLE to enter the tunnel. Move NORTH and UP to the
top of the pine tree. LOOK TELESCOPE to see the trapdoor in the attic.

Move DOWN twice, NORTH and SOUTH to the forest. OPEN DOOR. Move UP, EAST, UP,
NORTH and UP to the attic. GO DOOR to enter the storage room. UNLOCK CHEST with
the small key. OPEN CHEST. LOOK CHEST. GET GUN. GO DOOR to the attic. OPEN
TRAPDOOR (the telescope at the top of the pine tree must have been looked
through before this can be done). CLIMB LADDER to the tower. SHOOT GUN. GO
TRAPDOOR to the attic. Move DOWN, SOUTH and DOWN to the entry hall. UNLOCK DOOR
with the skeleton key. OPEN DOOR. Move NORTH and DOWN to complete the game.


3.                                Item List


  Found in the basement after the towel has been used to wipe the algae. It is
  taken to reveal the jewels in the hole in the wall.

  Found in the kitchen sink. It is used to loosen the picture in the study.

  Found in the large bedroom. It is not used.

  Available after the pitcher full of water has been poured on the fire. It is
  not used.

  Found in the chest in the storage room. It is used to shoot the killer.

  Found in the basement after the brick has been taken. They are taken so that
  the game will end after leaving the house.

  Made by using the matches on the unlit candle. After the candle has been lit,
  it is automatically dropped after entering the dining room.

  Found in the cabinet in the kitchen. They are used to light the unlit candle.

  Found in the study after the butterknife has been used on the picture. It is
  taken to reveal the button on the wall.

  Found in the refrigerator in the kitchen. It is filled with water from the
  sink in the kitchen to make the pitcher full of water.

  Made by filling the pitcher with water from the sink in the kitchen. It is
  poured on the fire in the dining room after the lit candle has been dropped.

  Found in the attic. It is not used.

  Found in the basement. It is used to unlock the door in the entry hall.

  Found in the hole in the dining room floor after the lit candle has been
  dropped. It is used to unlock the chest in the storage room.

  Found in the bathroom. It is used to reveal the brick in the basement by
  wiping the algae on the wall.

  Found in the dining room. It is lit with the matches to make the lit candle.


4.                                   Map


|       |
|___ ___|
| Pine  |d
| Tree  |-*5
|___ ___|
 ___|___    _______
|       |  |       |
|Tunnel |*4|Basemnt|
|_______|  |___ ___|
           | Stair |
           | -way  |
           |___ ___|
            __d|___*3  _______    _______    _______*6
           | Crawl |  |       |  | Bath  |  |       |
           | Space |<-| Study |--| -room |  | Tower |
           |_______|  |___ ___|  |_______|  |_______|
                          |               __/d
                       ___*1__    ______u/   _______
                      |       |  |       |  |Storage|
                      |Doorway|  | Attic |--| Room  |
                      |___ ___|  |_____ _|  |_______|
                          |            |d
                          +--------+   |
            _______    _______    _|__u|_    _______    _______
           | Boys  |  |       |  | Stair |  | Large |  | Small |
           |Bedroom|  |Nursery|  | -way  |  |Bedroom|  |Bedroom|
           |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|
               |          |          |          |          |
            ___|___    ___|___    ___|___    ___|___    ___|___
           |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
           |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|
 _______*2  _______    ______u/   _______    _______
|       |u |       |  | Entry |  |       |  | Side  |
|Forest |--|Kitchen|--| Hall  |--|Library|--| Yard  |
|_______|  |_______|  |__ __ _|  |_______|  |___ ___|
                         ^  |                   |
                         |  +--------+          |
                       _*1____    ___|___    ___|___
                      |       |  |Dining |  | Back  |
                      | Porch |  | Room  |  | Yard  |
                      |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|
                          |d         |          |
                       __u|___       +----------+
                      | Front |
                      | Yard  |

*1: GO DOOR to travel to the next area.
*2: If you get lost in the forest maze, keep moving UP to return to the area
    where the kitchen can be accessed.
*3: GO WALL after the wall has been opened.
*4: GO HOLE to travel to the next area.
*5: Leads back to the forest.
*6: The tower can only be accessed after the trapdoor has been seen through the
    telescope at the top of the tree.


5.                          Copyright Information


This file is Copyright 2008 Tom Hayes. As it can be difficult to keep track of
websites that haven't posted the latest version of this file, please do not
distribute it without my permission. Send an e-mail to me if you would like to
post this file on your website and you will likely receive a positive response.
If you do post the file, please keep it in its original form with all of the
sections intact and credit the author (Tom Hayes) as the writer of the file.
GAME INFO Mystery House is an adventure game by Sierra On-Line released in 1980 for PC and Retro. It has a Stylized art style, presented in Illustrated text and is played in a First-Person perspective.


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