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Walkthrough - Back to the Future: The Game - Episode I: It’s About Time


                              FAQ/Walkthrough for



Author:   Tom Hayes
E-mail:   thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com
System:   PC
Updated:  12th April, 2011
Version:  1.0


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Item List
4. Copyright Information


1.0:  12th April, 2011  (First version)


1.                                Introduction


Released on 22nd December 2010 for the PC, this is the first in a series of
five Back to the Future episodes from Telltale Games. In this episode, Marty
receives a message from Doc Brown and travels back in time to 1931 find him.
Doc has been thrown into jail and accused of a crime he didn't commit, and the
only person that Marty can rely on to help him escape is Doc's younger self.


2.                                Walkthrough



The game starts in the parking lot outside of the Twin Pines Mall. After the
DeLorean disappears, keep selecting any of the options when talking to Doc.
When you gain control of Marty, walk left and examine the toolbox to find the
notebook. Again, select any option when talking to Doc.


Walk right through the doorway and examine the town square model to see Doc's
notebook in the courthouse. When Biff picks up the model, say "Can I have that
courthouse?": Biff notices the notebook and carries it away.


Walk left from the model and George will put a box containing Marty's guitar on
the table. Take the guitar and it will be added to the inventory, which can be
opened either by clicking the hand icon at the top-right corner of the screen
or by pressing the I key. Use Marty's guitar on the amplifier to plug it in.
Talk to George and say "I can fight my own fights, Dad." and he will agree to
stay out of the way. Exit the conversation and select the amplifier controls
above the guitar. Try to use the guitar again. When Biff takes it this time,
Marty raises the overdrive setting to the maximum level, causing Biff to be
blown back into the chair. With Biff temporarily out of the way, Marty reaches
into the courthouse and pulls out Doc's notebook. A sudden noise is heard from
outside, and Marty runs out to see that the DeLorean has returned.


Examine the DeLorean to enter it. Inside the DeLorean, take the shoe and the
handheld tape recorder to hear a recorded message from Doc.


Exit the DeLorean and use the mysterious shoe on Einstein to follow him to
Edna's apartment. Press the buzzer to meet Edna. Say "I've got something for
you.". Show her the shoe and she will let Marty into her apartment.


Talk to Edna and say "When did you lose your shoe?": She lost it the day the
speakeasy burned down. Say "An illegal speakeasy? Cool.". Say "Where WAS that
speakeasy?": It used to be in the town square. Exit the conversation and
examine the binoculars to see Biff coming out of the video store. Examine the
newspapers: Edna refuses to let Marty touch them. Walk left and examine the
radiator. After Edna leaves the room to make tea, walk right and examine the
pile of newspapers to read about Doc: He has been jailed for burning the
speakeasy and will be shot by gangsters on June 14, 1931.


Back at the DeLorean, select any option when talking to George. Inside the
DeLorean, pull the time circuit switch below Einstein to turn on the time
circuits. Select the time circuit keypad to travel back to 1931.


Select any reply three times when approached by the reporter, who introduces
herself as Edna Strickland. After she leaves, run left (by holding down the
right mouse button or by pressing the shift key while moving) as far as Marty
can go, then turn to Marty's left and follow the pavement past the soup kitchen
to the police station. Approach the jail window to talk to Doc. When he asks
what the plan is, say "Let's go back in time.". Say "I guess I could break you
out of jail...": Doc wants Marty to get his 1931 self to finish his rocket
powered drill. Say "Where can I find your younger self?": He tells Marty to go
to the soup kitchen and give his house a call.


Run right and open the door to enter the soup kitchen. Use the Brown residence
phone number on the telephone: Emmett Brown is working at the courthouse.


Exit the soup kitchen. Run left and follow the path through the park to the
courthouse. Open the courthouse doors and Emmett will rush out.


Follow Emmett into the park and use the tape recorder on him to record his
mutterings. Return to the police station and use the tape recorder on the jail
window: Doc says that his younger self is talking about Ivanov's conundrum and
he tells Marty the answer to the equation. Return to the park and talk to
Emmett. Say "H equals the Hamiltonian Operator!". Select any replies to his
three questions: Marty agrees to help him by delivering a subpoena.


Run to the left side of the park and talk to Edna. Say "What's the scoop?": She
thinks that something shady is going on at the soup kitchen. Say "You make soup
deliveries?". Say "I can help deliver soup!": She wants Marty to let her know
if he hears of any charities are running low on soup. Say "What's the Stay
Sober Society?". Say "I know where the Stay Sober Society can meet!". Say "At
the Brown Residence.". Exit the conversation and return to the soup kitchen.

Walk left past Cue Ball to see that when he taps on the red pipe, the special
soup is lowered to the basement. Try to open the kitchen door: It is blocked
from the other side by tables. Talk to Emmett and say "I can't get into the
kitchen.". Walk to the right side of the soup kitchen to hear Emmett speak.
Return to the soup kitchen door and try to open it to see that the tables are
propped up. Talk to Cue Ball and say "Could I have some soup?". When he asks
what would improve the soup, select any reply. While he is busy making the
soup, walk to the right side of the kitchen and select the red pipe to tap on
it. The barrels roll into the propped tables and Edna takes one of them.

Exit the soup kitchen and return to the park to talk to Edna. Say "I know a
charity that needs a soup delivery.". When she asks who, say "The Stay Sober
Society!". When Emmett asks what Marty knows about the society, say "They're
sober.". Say "They'll be quiet.". Say "Okay then. Forget the whole thing.":
Emmett agrees to let the society enter the Brown Estate.


Run left to exit the park. Cross over the road and run right toward Kid. Say "I
guess I'm here to shine your shoes...". Say "I'm looking for Arthur McFly.": He
says that he is busy today. Say "Isn't that Artie's hat?". Say "Can I have some
of those peanuts?": He will offer the hat full of peanuts to Marty. Say "What
the hell is that!?" to take Arthur's hat. Enter the park and use Arthur's hat
on Einstein to follow him to Arthur's apartment.

Press the buzzer at the right side of the door and Arthur will open the window.
Talk to Arthur and select any of the replies: He says that he can't leave the
building until his boss says so. Walk right to return to the town center.
Return to the barber shop and Kid will chase Marty. After Marty climbs on top
of the bandstand to escape, use the tape recorder on Kid to record him telling
Marty to get down. Talk to Einstein to climb down from the bandstand. Return to
Arthur's apartment and press the buzzer again. This time, use the tape recorder
on Arthur and he will leave his apartment. Use the subpoena on Arthur.


Marty and Emmett travel to the Brown Residence laboratory. When Emmett asks
Marty if there any questions, select any reply. Emmett will emphasise certain
words when talking to his father. The emphasised words are hints to which
action Marty should be taking next. After passing the half-way point, Emmett's
father will start emphasising certain words. Ignore his emphasised words as
they are wrong. Follow an action below after Emmett says one of the sentences.

Sprinkle bacteria food:
  "Can't you see this is EATING me up inside!?"
  "How many times do I have to prove myself to you before I can SHAKE your
  overbearing criticisms?"
  "Law? What use has a MICROORGANISM for law?"
  "This isn't FOOD for thought, Pop, it's gruel!"
  "Why don't you go FEED the ducks, Father?"
  "Why must you always SCATTER condescension my way?"
  "Why should I honor your wishes? You treat me like common BACTERIA!"
  "You don't get to control my life just because you've FED and clothed me for
  17 years!"

Stoke fire:
  "If you don't like my performance at the courthouse, then FIRE me!"
  "Law may be your BURNING passion, Father, but it's not mine!"
  "Lawyers are nothing but a bunch of HOT AIR! There, I said it!"
  "Stop getting so HOT under the collar, pop!"
  "The HOTTER you get, the more I know I'm right!"
  "There is a flame inside me that cannot be quelled by your legalistic
  gobbledygook, Father!"
  "What do you call a room full of lawyers trapped in a BURNING building? A
  good start!"
  "Why are you always BELLOWING at me?"
  "You know who invented FIRE, pop? I don't know either, but can be damn sure
  it wasn't a lawyer!"

Release gaseous pressure:
  "Do you really want to VENT our dirty laundry in public like this?"
  "Don't you have a RELEASE VALVE on your mouth somewhere?"
  "If it weren't for scientists, men like you would still be divining the
  future with sheep's BLADDERS and goat gizzards!"
  "Lawyers are nothing but overblown BAGS OF GAS!"
  "PRESSURING me to be something I'm not!"
  "Why won't you RELEASE me from your unattainable expectations?"
  "You have no idea what kind of PRESSURE I'm under!"

Turn electrical crank:
  "By Galileo's ROTATIONS! Do you ever listen to yourself?"
  "Do I get a TURN to talk, or is this going to be another monologue!?"
  "I strongly object to the CURRENT of this conversation, Father!"
  "I'm not just another one of your staffers who SPINS around you like a top!"
  "Is it my fault if I don't get a SPARK out of laws and statues?"
  "Maybe I should just get struck by LIGHTING! Would that make you happy?"
  "Name one great thing ever GENERATED by a lawyer!"
  "Stop being such a CRANK!"
  "This may come as a SHOCK to you, pop, but not everyone wants to be a

After completing the invention, select any reply when Emmett asks when he is
likely to hear back from the patent office.


Examine the jet drill remains to pick up the rocket. Examine Edna's bicycle to
put the rocket on the back. After catching up to Doc, go right and examine the
tool box to take the tire iron. Take the antenna on top of the paddywagon. Go
back and then go left. Use the tire iron on the spare tire to take the hubcap.
Examine the front window to see Kid. Use the antenna on the keys and Marty will
attempt to take them. Exit the view of the front window and examine the rear
window. Say "I need a distraction!". While Doc distracts Kid, examine the front
window and use the antenna on the keys again to take the keys. Go back and use
the keys on the doors. Kid will start shooting at Marty, so throw the hubcap at
Kid's gun to knock it out of his hand. Take Kid's gun and use it on the
shackles. Talk to Doc and say "HIT THE THROTTLE!" to complete the episode.


3.                                 Item List


  Found in Edna's apartment by examining the newspapers after Marty has
  adjusted the radiator.

  Found at the right side of the paddywagon. It is used to attempt to take the
  keys near Kid in the paddywagon. After telling Doc to distract kid, the
  antenna is again used on the keys to take them.

  Found after distracting Biff while Marty is shining his shoes. It is shown to
  Einstein in the park to follow him to Arthur's apartment.

  Found by talking to Emmett Brown after telling him the solution to his
  equation. It is given to Arthur McFly after he leaves his apartment.

  Found after talking to Doc through the jail window. It is used on the
  telephone in the soup kitchen to call the Brown residence.

  Found when Biff plays Marty's guitar after the overdrive level has on the
  amplifier has been set to maximum. It is not used.

  Found by using the tire iron on the spare tire at the left side of the
  paddywagon. After Kid starts shooting at Marty through the paddywagon, the
  hubcap is thrown at Kid's gun to knock it out of his hand.

  Found by using the antenna on the keys in the paddywagon after Doc has been
  told to distract Kid. They are used on the back doors of the paddywagon.

  After the hubcap has been thrown at Kid's gun to knock it out of his hand,
  Kid's gun is found in the paddywagon. It is used on the shackles.

  Available when the inventory becomes accessible Marty's guitar has been
  found. It is not used.

  Found on the table near George in Doc's laboratory after Biff takes the
  notebook from the model courthouse. It is used on the amplifier in the
  laboratory. After Marty has told George that he can fight his own fights,
  the guitar is played again to recover the notebook from Biff.

  Found inside the DeLorean after it appears outside Doc's laboratory. It is
  shown to Einstein so that Marty can follow him to Edna's apartment. It is
  shown to Edna after Marty tells her he has something to show her.

  Found inside the DeLorean after it appears outside Doc's laboratory. It is
  used on the young Emmett Brown to record him muttering equations. It is then
  used on the jail window so that Doc can tell Marty the solution to the
  equation. Marty automatically uses the tape recorder to tap on the red pipe
  in the soup kitchen. After Marty climbs on top of the bandstand to escape
  from Kid, it is used on Kid to record him telling Marty to get down. It is
  then used on Arthur McFly to get him to leave his apartment.

  Found by examining the toolbox at the right side of the paddywagon. It is
  used on the spare tire at the left side of the paddywagon to take the hubcap.


4.                           Copyright Information


This file is Copyright 2011 Tom Hayes. As it can be difficult to keep track of
websites that haven't posted the latest version of this file, please do not
distribute it without my permission. Send an e-mail to me if you would like to
post this file on your website and you will likely receive a positive response.
If you do post the file, please keep it in its original form with all of the
sections intact and credit the author (Tom Hayes) as the writer of the file.
GAME INFO Back to the Future: Episode 1 - It’s About Time is an adventure game by Telltale Games released in 2010 for Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It has a Stylized art style, presented in Realtime 3D and is played in a Third-Person perspective. You can download Back to the Future: Episode 1 - It’s About Time from: We get a small commission from any game you buy through these links.
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